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Chain of Command

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  • Chain of Command (CoC)
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:

Rank Mechanic

This is a 9p Open Theme setup. In this game, a "Captain" will tell the various Power Roles in the game what to do during the night. Subsequently, you have the option to "Obey" or "Disobey" orders. If you obey, you will go through with the action. If you disobey, the action will not happen. Be warned though, the Captain will be notified when an order has been disobeyed! The captain only knows what the PRs are, not who they are. Aside from normal roles, every player has a "Rank". They are:

1 Captain

You are an officer. You know what all the Power Roles are in the game. They are [X, X, and X]. During the day, you must PM me a list of what you wish these PRs to do. The following night, they will be presented with your order. If you wish them to no-action, simply do not give an order for that particular PR. Roles will also no-action if you do not submit a list of orders. (Example: Imagine there are 3 PRs: Bodyguard, Jailkeeper, and Rolecop. You could...Order Bodyguard to protect Timeater. Order Rolecop to investigate SpyreX. Order Jailkeeper to Jailkeep me.) If you die, one of your officers, either the Commander or Lieutenant, will take your place as Captain. Additionally, you cannot have a PR. So if you are promoted and become the Captain you will lose any PRs.

1 Commander

You are an officer. You are 1st in line to become the next Captain. If the Captain dies, you will replace him.

1 Lieutenant

You are an officer. You are 2nd in line to become the next Captain. If the Commander and Captain are dead, you will become the next Captain.

6 Ensigns

You're just an ordinary ensign. You cannot assume command. Sucks to be you lol.

Game Structure

The mafia team is composed of 2 players who are randomly assigned to any rank and role in the game (They can be officers. If either of them are officers the secondary win condition does not apply). They have two win conditions A) outnumber the town/endgame them or B) kill the entire officer command structure (captain, commander, and lieutenant). There are 8 random possible power roles in this game. However, only 3 (randomly decided) are actually in the game. The rest are Vanilla. Also, you know there cannot be multiple instances of one role. They are...

Current Possible Roles


Additional Role Notes

1. Doctor can cure poisoned targets before they die.
2. Poisoned players are aware of it and die at the end of the next night after they've been poisoned.
3. Motivator cannot grant an extra NK, and the Captain directs second use in one go e.g (motivate vi + cause his second action to target crypto)
4. Rolecop only reveals PRs/Vanilla, not rank.
5. All results are given to the players, not the Captain.
6. During the pregame random role assignment, if the Captain is given a PR, there will only be 2 PRs in the game.
7. Only the Poisoner can target himself. If the Captain orders someone besides him to self-target, it will be as if he did not send in an action for that role.
8. Follower/Voyeur clarification: Jailkeeper=Protective/Voyeur=Informative/Follower=Informative/Rolecop=Informative/Bodyguard=Protective/Motivator=Supportive/Doctor=Protective/Poisoner=Killing. Also, the Follower cannot detect the factional kill.
9. When a player has been ordered to perform an action they will receive this message: "Your captain has ordered you to Bodyguard Faraday. Will you follow orders? Will you Obey or Disobey?" (not choosing will result in a 50/50 coinflip as to whether you'll obey or disobey) And remember, the Captain (and only the captain) will know if you've disobeyed orders. He will not know YOU the player disobeyed, only the role. In this instance, he'd know the Bodyguard disobeyed.
10. Scum PRs can Action + Use the factional NK.

Example Role PMs

Town Role PM
Vanilla Commander
You are 1st in line to become the next Captain. If the Captain dies, you will replace him. You have no special abilities, but you do have your vote. You win when the mafia are eliminated.

Scum Role PM

Motivator Ensign
You're just an ordinary ensign. You cannot assume command. Sucks to be you lol. However, if you get the order and you obey, you can "Motivate" another player to have them get an extra action that night (which the Captain decides ahead of time). You win when the town is outnumbered/endgamed or if you kill the entire command structure since your partner isn't an officer either! (Ranks Captain, Commander, and Lieutenant). During Night Phases and Pregame you may talk to your parter, who is X, in X qt.