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Blind Tag: Ready, Aim, Fire!

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Blind Tag: Ready, Aim, Fire! (often abbreviated BTRAF or BT: RAF) is a modified version of Ready Aim Fire created by Andycyca. Its aim is to be a game where paranoia and WIFOM are valid strategies, besides the luck factor already present in Ready Aim Fire with an added sense of cooperation.


This game follows exactly the same mechanics as Ready Aim Fire. But, since discussion is supposed to take place more often than in RAF, the game can last longer. If the moderator feels the game is lagging, he/she can impose a deadline to receive all actions. Players who don't submit their action when deadline passes, will be automatically set to Shoot: Air or Shoot: Self, whichever kills them.



The players may vote in the signup stage for their choice of discussion during the game. This can be either restricted to the game thread or open to any communication form (with two exceptions: Screenshots and Subliminal messages in mass media)

A player can choose any weapon he/she would like to use. This has no other use than adding flavor to the game.

The Game

  1. The players are divided randomly in several teams, as even as possible (the Tag part)
    1. For the purpose of evening the teams, some players may be left apart with no team. They act as a Serial killer
  2. The mod announces how many teams will be present and how many players each team has, but the disposition of the players is hidden (this is, the mod won't announce who's on each team, hence the Blind part)
  3. The players proceed to discuss the game
  4. The players send their actions to the moderator via Private Message.
  5. When all actions are received, the round is over and the moderator proceeds to process the results in order to find out who died and who survives.
  6. At the beginning of the next round, the moderator will reveal the team to which the dead players belonged.
    1. A death scene may be posted at the beginning of next round as well.
  7. The game continues until only one team remains alive. In this case, the whole Team wins the game and not just the alive players.

Additional Rules

The next rules are optional.

  1. Game discussion may be restricted to the game thread
  2. Game discussion may be open
  3. Blind actions - the moderator won't announce who made what choice, only a casualties list.