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Mafia-Playing History

As of when this page was started, BlakAdder was starting his first online mafia game, Open 81. He has, however, played many games of mafia in real life, and sees himself as having a good amount of insight into the human mind.

Ongoing Games

Mind Screw Mafia 3- Townie Martyr, Lynched Day Two

Mafia 82: International Mafia- Currently alive, claimed Doctor

Completed Games

Family Guy Mafia- Mafia Goon, lynched Day Three, Loss

Mafia 85: Murder at the Bus Stop- Serial Killer, did not die, Won

Mini 677: Powerball Mafia- Lynched Day One, Loss

Mafia 86: Mafia.gif- Vanilla Townie, killed by Vig Night 4, Loss

Newbie 687- Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched Day Two, Loss

Newbie 667- Townie, Lynched Day Three, Win

Open 91- Mafia Goon, Lynched Day One, Win

Open 81- Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day One, Endgame Tie


"So... Blakky do good?"- BlakAdder

"I have never seen the Blackadder TV show"- BlakAdder