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Take care out there

  • pops head in*
  • 1. Be aware of what assumptions you're making at all times. You can have beliefs, you can make assumptions. But don't lose sight or count of them.
  • 2. Have a database of facts that you can return to when you're reaching.
  • 3. Try to correct for player idiosyncrasies before attempting to draw conclusions.
  • 4. Be aware of the decisions you're making. When making decisions for now, lean on probability and evidence. I.e., concrete thinking.
  • 5. Be aware of what you don't know and what you do.
  • 6. There is, in general, a "true narrative" for each player. There is, as they say, a reason for everything.
  • 7. Keep time in mind when considering evidence, the process of thought, and alibis. Everything doesn't happen all at once.