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About Me

I really am a nice guy, I just get ultra competitive at times and I am an emotional player. Sometimes I say things in the heat of the game that I don't really mean. This comes from the site where I normally play where we basically play with the same 20 people and we are all best friends. They don't get mad when I curse at them like people do here. If I am being an asshole, don't take it personally. If I piss you off, just let me know that I am going to far.

Best and Worst Comments directed towards me

I'm sorry but you can be very elitist and a bit of an asshole

I'd feel worse about that decision if Beck wasn't a tremendous cunt

Imat, Marble, and Beck were all people I had never heard of but was very pleasantly surprised. They were fun.


As scum: 1 - 0

As town: 1 - 2*

As neutral: 0 - 0

Completed Games

Mini 1177: Normal Game - Role: Vanilla Townie (replaced MarchHare)- Outcome: Town Win

Mini 1203: Set's Speed Mafia - Role One Shot Tracker - Outcome: Mafia Win*

I personally feel the Mod of this game didn't follow her own rules and if she had the game could have resulted in a Town Victory so while techincally it was a loss, I don't consider it as one.

Mini 1193: Hacker's Panic Mafia - Role: One Shot Vigilante - Outcome: Mafia Win*

Mini 1202: Smalltown Mafia- Role: Mafia Goon - Outcome: Mafia Win*

Ongoing Games

Mini 1195: The Beehive Mystery

: Bedtime Stories Mafia

People to avoid

Cyberbob, Sensfan, Pine, Bobsnox, Internet Stranger, Parama, Ranmaru