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Barry Allen

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Barry Allen

Welcome to the Wiki page of Barry Allen. You will soon find here a record of all my mafia-related exploits from all mafia sites. I joined MS in December 2010, continuing a course of playing on various mafia sites since August 2009. While I'm obviously new to the site, I've played extensively on other sites, as noted below. However, you will see me by this handle on any mafia site I visit.

My intro to Mafia

I first joined the old Ace Attorney Online Mafia (AAOM) in 2009. My son (known as Genodragon1) was one of the founders of that site, and as he went to college Geno convinced me to give the game a try. At first it was just a way to keep in contact with my son...and then I found how much fun it was to play the game.

Since then I've played a lot of Mafia rounds on AAOM (later known as Saccharyne Park Mafia), and on a group of related sites called the Mafia Alliance (AAOM/SP, VGM, and Court Records Mafia). The Mafia Alliance sites have now merged into - and I've continued to play rounds there. From March-April of 2011 I modded my first round at

I joined in December of 2010. Results from all sites are noted below.

Non-mafia online efforts

As you can tell from the names of some of the other mafia sites I frequent, I'm a fan of the Ace Attorney series of games for the DS. I have a small role (Yanni Yogi) in the Phoenix Wright English Musical Project, an online musical that is up for a limited use license from Capcom. You can find out more about this project at

I've also started up a tumblr blog. My blog centers on comics and mafia, hope you check it out sometime! The filters here are blocking my tumblr URL, but you can access it through following my Twitter account, which updates every time there is a new blog post. That URL is:

Finally, I've taken on Admin duties at a fledgling site for fans for DC Comic's The Flash. If you are interested in any of the incarnations of DC's Scarlet Speedster, check it out! The spam filter here won't let me leave the URL as is, so just check out ""

Rounds and Results

Barry Allen's Mafia Record (Win/Lose/Draw/No Contest): 15-6-1-1

Round Role Result
AAOM Training Round Vanilla Town Loss
AAOM Round XIV - FO3 Mafia Vanilla Mafioso Loss
AAOM Round XV - Courthouse Brawl Mafia Sleeper Cell Mafioso (Town) Win
AAOM Round XVI - Call of Duty World at War Mafia Vanilla Town Round Cancelled
SPM Round XVII - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door Mafia Vanilla Mafioso Won
SPM Round XVIII - Ace Attorney Defendants v. Murderers Case DM1 Vanilla Town Won
VGM Hotel Dusk Mafia Vanilla Town Won
CRM TSCUFWTFITMM Act Two ! (AKA: Asylum Mafia) Larry Butz (Mafioso) Won
CRM Pearl Fey Ace Secondary Characters Mafia Jake Marshall (Cop) Won
SPM Round XIX - Class Warfare Mafia Vanilla Town Won
SPM Round XX - The Twentiversary Vanilla Town Won
SPM Round XXI - Aperture Science Honesty Testing Center Vanilla Town Loss
SPM Unofficial Round - Unreasonable Mafia: Super Party Smash Up Mad Hatter/Director (Town) Loss
VSM Unofficial Round - Attorneys vs. Prosecutors Mk III Vanilla Town Won
MS Newbie Round 1048 Vanilla Town Won
VSM Official Round I - Clue Master Detective Mafia Vanilla Town (Hit by Maf N3) Won
MS Mini-Normal 1126 - Averagely Suspicious Mafia Serial Killer Draw with Mafia (town loss)
VSM Official Round II - A Just Society Mafia Citizen (Vanilla Town) (Hit by Maf N6) Citizens (Town) Win
MS Mini-Normal 1187 Town Tracker (Hit by Maf N4) Loss
VSM Unofficial Round - BYOR Mafia (Bring Your Own Role) MegaMan (Mafia) Copied Yak ability and Yakked Alsark N5 Win
VSM Unofficial Round - BYOR Mafia II Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Town) Hit by Maf N1 Win
VSM Official Round - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mafia Saria (Oracle - Hit by Maf N5) Win
VSM Unofficial Round - The Legend of Okami Mafia Clay Shogun (Maf Cultist - Lynched D7) Loss
VSM Unofficial Round - BYOR Mafia II Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Town) Hit by Maf N1 Ongoing


My first mod/GM round was "Cosplay Mafia!" at This round was a themed round in the Suburb District of Vendetta Strada, and was set in the middle of a fictional Anime Con. There were several potential roles, though the players were not informed as to which roles actually made it into the round. As with most rounds as Vendetta Strada, the day phases were 48 hours and the night phases were 24 hours, with IMs allowed. The creativity and energy of the players really made this a great experience. If you'd like to find out more, the archived living thread for the round is found at:

My next mod/GM effort is coming up NOW - I'm co-GM'ing a round with Ami at called "BYOR 3". Each player suggests a role name and will be given a power (yes, EVERYONE has a power). This round is definitely different than the typical mafia round, and the first two rounds were a LOT of fun. At vendetta-strada, we actually have sign-ups for who gets to GM the next BYOR round. Check it out - sign-ups are open through 10 p.m. Eastern Time USA on Sunday October 30th!

Contact Info

AIM handle: xBarryxAllenx


Tumblr: the filters on this site block the URL - but you can access my blog through my Twitter updates


Tell me whatever below this line. Leave a name if you will. I'll be checking in from time to time. Thanks!