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Banana 563

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Banana 563 is a banana. He is the result of a scientific experiment which went horribly wrong, and one night he escaped from the lab to join a group of terrorists, where he got a special claw for typing with, an unlimited supply of salted peanuts, and a job pressing the button to detonate the cars/buildings/sheds/petrol stations/safes/presidents/stupid hats/stupid people/things he is told to blow up.

He also owns a hill...

Ongoing games:

Mini 923, as mafia for first time. Lynched day one. =(

Completed games:

Newbie 525, as townie. Mafia won. Lynched.

Newbie 548, as doc. Town won. Nk'd.

Newbie 770, as doc. Mafia won. Nk'd.

Mini theme 805, betrayal at house on the hill as townie. Fist nightkill. Mafia won. Killed in endgame.