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BTD6 maker

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Hi. I'm BTD6_maker.

See BTD6_maker's Modding Rules for a list of rules I will generally use in games I mod.

Win/loss table

This table excludes any cancelled games e.g. Cowboy Bebop.

Alignment Played Win Loss Draw
Town 35 13 22 0
Scum 11 7 4 0
Totals 46 20 26 0

Played (in order of completion)

Game Played as Role Winner My survival Notes
[Newbie 1700] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I survived
[Open 638] BTD6_maker Werewolf Mafia I was lynched Day 1
[Newbie 1708] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2
[Micro 619] BTD6_maker Christopher Taub (Vanilla Townie) Mafia I was lynched Day 1
[Open 644] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2
[Micro 618] BTD6_maker Werewolf Werewolves I was lynched Day 3 I fake claimed Seer after I thought I had been hammered. When it was revealed on Day 2 that I had fake claimed, I somehow still wasn't lynched until Day 3.
[Newbie 1719] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I was lynched Day 1
[Mini Theme 1801] BTD6_maker Royal Guard 02 (Town Lover) Town I was replaced Day 2 I was severely overgamed and was posting very little. I was replaced by popular vote even though I didn't break the prod limit. Incidentally, it transpired that despite Snarky billing the game as non-bastard, it had a few bastard mod lies.
[Open 642] BTD6_maker Arsonist Arsonists I survived This was a long and rather stagnant game. Day 2 lasted over 6 weeks (during which there were long Mod delays) and still ended with a No Lynch. Day 3 also ended with a No Lynch. From there it was one mislynch to win.
[Micro 641] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I survived The shortest game ever. It lasted under an hour because I analysed the game to find out that the Mafia had inadvertently made one of themselves (Infinity324) confscum in the opening post. Callforjudgement gave bad advice to the Mafia.
[Mini Theme 1810] BTD6_maker Mafia Odd-Night Arsonist Even-Night Roleblocker Mafia I survived It appeared as though we were going to lose but Vedith (Dark Town) made a massive blunder and forgot his Role PM, thinking he was Light Town. This made me confTown and from there I had an easy win.
[Micro 635] BTD6_maker Town Babysitter Town I died Night 1
[Micro 643] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 4
[Cowboy Bebop Mafia] Maker_of_Zanos (hydra with Ircher) Katerina Solensan (Vanilla Townie) Game cancelled I was lynched Day 1 Panzerjager decided to throw the game Day 2 by revealing the scumteam. Frozen Angel deleted the post, but then Panzerjager ruined the game for everyone by PMing every living player the scum names.
[Micro 644] BTD6_maker Town Even-Night Doctor Town I survived
[Open 654] BTD6_maker Town Tracker Werewolves I was killed Night 4 On Night 1 I initially tracked Dunnstral (the Mafioso who sent the kill) but changed it to Blackstar (a VT).
[Micro 671] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 1 In RVS I said that Karnos was a hammer (his avatar) and was probably very quick. 11 posts later, Karnos accidentally quickhammered me in RVS.
[Ttyll Mafia] BTD6_maker Arnold Fritz (Vanilla Townie) Mafia I was lynched Day 1
[Open 659] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was killed Night 3
[Mini Theme 1853] BTD6_maker Tobias Willow (initially Town Doctor) Mafia I was lynched Day 5 I had thought myself confTown to Prism and was confused when they said in a PT that I was not. Scum redirection roles were at fault.
[Mini Theme 1864] BTD6_maker Town Watcher Mafia I was lynched Day 1 In trying to figure out and hint at the rules, I repeatedly used the word "Chairman". That earned me a lot of mod votes.
[Micro 662] BTD6_maker (replacing Lil_Uzi_Vert) Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 3
[Mini 1863] BTD6_maker Town 1.5-voter Game cancelled I survived By the end Ircher had abandoned the game and most people were apathetic so Callforjudgement declared the game abandoned.
[Death Miller Mafia 2] BTD6_maker Town Cop Town I was killed Night 2 I couldn't use my action on Night 1 because I was offline.
[Micro 674] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2
[Mini 1869] BTD6_maker Town 1-shot Limited Eavesdropper Mafia I was lynched Day 1 I was counterclaimed by TheRealGin-N-Tonic. He actually had the exact same role as me, with the exception that he could target Pine and I could not.
[Mini 1871] BTD6_maker Town Cop Mafia I was killed Night 1 I was probably killed due to a crumb that was a reference to what happened in the similar game Micro 618.
[Micro 683] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I survived Frozen Angel replaced out of her own game. Also, RadiantCowbells faked a guilty on Yume that instantly secured the scum win.
[Micro 680] BTD6_maker (replacing Don't_Vote_Me) Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2 Shannon (scum) claimed Tracker on Day 1 and was never lynched despite surviving every night.
[Code Geass Mafia] BTD6_maker Lloyd Asplund (Town Knightmare Inventor) Town I survived My last Knightmare was owned by Culted. We could then make Yume hammer Culted to kill both. Yume was the last scum so we won.
[Open 678] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Mafia I survived
[Micro 690] BTD6_maker 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia I survived
[Open 679] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Mafia I survived I put myself on the kill list twice (and on Night 3 we put Not_Mafia on as well) yet none of us were killed and we had a perfect win.
[Surreptitious: The Game Of Spies] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I survived I had been asked by LQ much earlier to examine the setup so, when we were playing, I didn't do much else but examining the setup. Town made a few mistakes, like picking a group before the Neapolitan claimed, but overall their play wasn't too bad. Mafia conceded when they saw we have a guaranteed mechanical win. A Neapolitan and Universal Backup together is far too powerful in this setup, where Town can effectively make them unkillable.
[Mini Theme 1898] BTD6 Thinker (hydra with ThinkBig) Town Extractor Town I died We could cop and role cop anyone in a Level 2 dream or below, which turned out to be incredibly broken (we could get huge numbers of confirmed results) in a Nightless. Indeed, the Mod thought the game was far too broken for Town, to the point where it was practically impossible for scum to win, and gave scum a 1-shot factional kill, which they used on me. Even with that, it was heavily Townsided.
[Mini Theme 1902] BTD6_maker Mafia Federal Criminal Town I was killed Night 6 This was Dayless and we were spreading fake confirmed guilties. Town had a NK-immune Miller Vig, though, who caught both myself and Not_Mafia. Almost50 scumread us two and spread fake confirmed guilties too, which were actually true.
[Micro 702] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I was lynched Day 1 The setup was Townsided. Also, the Mod made a Mod error where they forgot to count the Mafia RB's Night 2 actions and assumed a No Kill.
[world.createNew(Utopia eveHope)] BTD6_maker (replacing Vifam) James Wright (Vanilla Townie) Town I was killed (in Reality) Night 3 The game had too many posts for me to properly get into.
[Micro 710] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Town I was lynched Day 2
[The Divergent Series] BTD6_maker Uriah Pedrad (Vanilla Townie) Town I was replaced Day 4 Again, I couldn't get properly into this game.
[Micro 714] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Mafia I survived This was an interesting game. I tried to use MastermindOfSin's pairing method (which I know to be suboptimal for Town). Ultimately, in LyLo, both Draynth and Something_Smart were Townreading me and scumreading the other.
[Micro 703] BTD6_maker Post-restricted Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2 I had to use a quote in every post. I quoted common phrases which happened to be used in Feluda. I managed to identify Tenshii as the last scum but I was lynched instead.
[Micro 721] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Mafia I survived Chickadee was lynched and was considering killing me but instead killed Vedith, due to Vedith claiming scum with Chickadee after the hammer. This was an instant win for us and the Werewolves.
[Micro 712] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 3
[Micro 715] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I survived In LyLo, both scum quickly voted me, while Vedith (VT) and I voted iDanyBoy (scum). This led to us trying to convince Something_Smart to hammer the other person, when we knew exactly who the scumteam was.
[Open 687] BTD6_maker (replacing Not_Fury) Mafia Goon Werewolves I was lynched Day 4 At one point, the Mafia team consisted of myself, Umlaut, and Dunnstral and I suggested that if Dunnstral needed to replace out we should get Not_Mafia.
[Micro 724] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was replaced Day 4 I was replaced by a prod during my V/LA, which was a mistake. I was replaced by Mulch. I asked ThinkBig and Mulch and ThinkBig decided that I would be allowed to hydra with Mulch. However, the game was over before the hydra was activated.
[Mini Normal 1914] BTD6_maker (replacing Noseacaballo) Town 2-shot Roleblocker Mafia I was lynched Day 3 I claimed on Day 3 and was tunneled by TwoFace, to the point where they threatened to blacklist me if I was Town (they had previously threatened to blacklist Dragnalus, and received a warning from the Mod). Also, scum made one poor decision by killing their own Weak Doctor whereas the better option would be to kill a VT and make the Weak Doc suicide by targeting scum, so as to make a scum fakeclaiming 1-shot VT seem to be Town.
[Open 693] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Game cancelled I survived The Mod had included flavour in the Role PMs which was not initially public. I claimed that my team colour was Blue, which seemed to semi-confirm me as Town, so the Mod then posted the sample Role PMs. In Day 2, the Mod modkilled three players for reading their prod but not responding, and so we voted to lynch the Mod, and so the game was abandoned.
[Micro 725] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 1
[Micro 729] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town I was lynched Day 1 I managed to find a breaking strategy, which involved No Lynching on Days 1 and 2, hypoclaiming at the start of Days 2 and 3, and then Cops claiming on Day 3. People pressured me to give the numbers; I did so in a 30kB post which detailed every possibility. People still did not follow the strategy and lynched me, but we won anyway. This setup (C-C9 Mafia) should now be considered a Historical Open.
[Micro 717] Pokemon Uranium (hydra with Gamma Emerald) Travis Touchdown (BP Townie who dies when targeted by non-killing actions and would gain additional powers after a kill attempt, also 1-shot Commuter) Town I was lynched Day 2 I picked Odysseus, Achilles, and Hector because characters had to be "epic". Gamma Emerald picked Travis Touchdown, General Patton, and Annabeth Chase. We combined our picks. I picked Odysseus, Gamma Emerald picked Travis Touchdown, and we agreed on General Patton. Partway through the game Gamma Emerald siteflaked so I briefly replaced Pokemon Uranium but Gamma Emerald returned. We fakeclaimed General Patton as an Ascetic Bulletproof Town to stop other PRs from targeting (and therefore killing) us.
[Real Folk Blues Rematch] Master Vampire (hydra with Nosferatu) Jobim (VT) Town I survived I could never get into the game due to its sheer volume of posts. I was perpetually about 50 pages behind.
[Night and Day Mafia] BTD6_maker Town Tracker Mafia I was lynched Day 2 I tracked Mathblade Night 1 and my track would have confirmed him as scum but I was blocked. I seemed to forget my result and thought I got "went nowhere" rather than "No Result".
[Micro 737] BTD6_maker Chosen Townie Mafia I was lynched Day 2
[Micro 754] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Mafia I was killed Night 1
[Micro 752] BTD6_maker Mafia Goon Mafia I was killed Night 1 I was vengekilled by Nexus. My end-of-day posts seemed to have made them suspicious.
[Micro 745] BTD6_maker Wandering Soul (Tree) Mafia I was lynched (treestumped) Day 4
[Open 715] Quick Maker (hydra with LicketyQuickety) Vanilla Townie Mafia I survived
[Micro 818] BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Werewolf I was lynched Day 2 This was my first time playing Nano-Multiball, a 5P multiball setup I created and had previously modded.

Modded (in order of completion)

Game Moderator Winner Notes
[Open 660] BTD6_maker Mafia During Day 3 I was on V/LA and could not post vote counts. I continued modding after that, though.
[Open 676] BTD6_maker Town Mozamis had, in some posts, identified all five scum before a single scum flip. Also, Night 2 was very long due to finding replacements. The last replacement, Fro99er, was nightkilled as soon as they joined.
[Large Normal 203] Creature Mafia I was the backup Mod. This game had a lot of spamming and so was huge. For some time, Boonskiies (a Neighbour Weak Vigilante) thought they were a Serial Killer until they checked their Role PM. There was an error on Night 3 where Boonskiies wanted to kill Zachstralkita but only sent the message to me instead of Creature, which resulted in Creature assuming Boonskiies did not want to kill.
[Micro 718] BTD6_maker Town
[Micro 739] BTD6_maker Werewolf This was the first trial of my new Nano-Multiball 5P setup.
[Open 692] BTD6_maker Mafia and Werewolves draw The Night actions were interesting. The Jailkeeper never failed to prevent a kill, but on Nights 2 and 3 the kill they protected against would have been a scum cross-kill.
[Micro 744] BTD6_maker Mafia The second run of Nano-Multiball.
[Surreptitious II: Secrets and Misdirection] Surreptitious (hydra with LicketyQuickety) Town I helped LicketyQuickety to design this setup, which was based on the original Surreptitious (though with new ideas) and tried to avoid any breaking strategies, which occurred in the original.
[Mini Theme 2022: Trapped!] mutantdevle Town I was the backup Mod, and also helped mutantdevle with the setup. While we had planned out the challenges, some of the details were unfortunately decided in a rushed manner and were thus quite unbalanced. If this gets rerun, this would be something that could definitely be improved.


"I just had deja vu about this game. And I feel like BTD6 is going to carry it." - shamu, Open 659

"ONE ABSOLUTELY FINAL QUESTION: Is BTD6_maker scum?" - Transcend, Open 660

"If BTD is actually scum here then I'm gonna be so sad" - Draynth, Micro 714

Setups to mod in the future





List 3 (designed by myself and Toto; has 1/2 {JK}, 1/4 {Cop}, and 1/4 {Cop, Doc, Mafia RB})

List 4 (1/4 {Cop}, 1/4 {Cop, Doc, Mafia RB}, 1/4 {Cop, Tracker, Mafia RB}, 1/4 {Doc, Tracker})

Neighbouriser 6 (FN6 but with Neighbouriser instead of Friendly Neighbour)

Who Needs a Sixth?

Scumhunter's Speed 8p Lynch All Lurkers (with an extra VT and unlimited poison kills, given enough points)

Confirmed Guilties