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AxleGreaser Theory.

There is other stuff but this bits important now



Is a darn tricky thing to talk about.

  • The worst part is it is so blindingly obvious, that anyone reading this is likely to think "Oh yeah I know that! What kind of fool doesn't know that different people have different perspectives. Duh! " What is actually hard is remembering to apply that in battle, to work out what peoples perspectives really might be, then go back later and revise that when later info shows you got it wrong, and then keeping track that not only do people have different perspectives but they knew different things, had different perspectives, at different times.

Its like the large gulf between analysing data under the assumption of a stationary or a moving statistical process. Easy to say, much much harder to do.

This post(newb1505) has fairly good stab at describing some perspectives in a real game situation.

Note, I think, this concept is highly related to


Meta is most frequently abused, by ignoring the context in which previous games were played, especially ignoring the effect of outside invisible RW context.

KNot Theory

tangled up stuff


Another moral choice I have made and this one is just me making it, is that my notes if I have them are also off limits and they are outside the game. Whenever I write notes I purposefully include references and comparisons etc to ongoing games. I cant within the rules simply post them even if I change my mind and want to. I regard the right to keep those (when they exist) private when I play as town as playing to my win con. (also as just polite). Also as is only polite, I really ought try my best not to talk about or mention notes in game.