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What is this even?


[[1]]Newbie 1818: The Cosmos

    First game I ever played. Was honestly a great newbie to play in. Everyone was involved.

[[2]]Newbie 1815: Prisons

    Second game I played into. Subbed in mid-to-late game, controversial spot. I was the counterwagon, but hammered last scum for town win.

[[3]]Newbie 1823:

    First newbie I played from the beginning. First PR I rolled... I broke, had to claim d2, and I missed my jail on n2 and died.

[[4]]Mini Normal 1969: Blessed Mafia

    This game made me fall in love with normals. Met quite a few strong players. Learned about gambits, fake claims, etc. Even though it was a perfect scum win, this game was a lot of fun to play in.

[[5]]Mini Normal 1958: Worst Role Ideas Mafia (3)

    This was a crapshoot. I was essentially a VT that got NK'd by essentially a vig. Dumb game.

[[6]]Micro 775: The Hero We Deserve

    First game I rolled scum in. Had Lucky2u as a partner which was awesome. We found the vigilante first night, but didn't get the roleblock on him. Lost my first 1v1 as scum in Lylo.

[[7]]Micro 766: Your Grand Idea Mafia

    Joke of a game... there was a broken role which saw everyone's role and deduced who people were through a mass claim.

[[8]]Micro 770: Killer in the Penthouse

    Got frustrated because I rolled scum again in this game. But somehow I came through alive, even though I had no idea the history of the game setup and everyone else did.

[[9]]Newbie 1844:

    So this newbie had a BP claim, which should have been successful, but a VT counter claimed, and stuck by it. As scum, me and Bellephant easily rolled to a victory here.

[[10]]Open 709: Masons and Monks

    This game made me realize I prefer mini normals to opens, as it is harder to gambit when everything is known. I played a shit scum game here.

[[11]]Micro 771: Lucky's UPick Lollapalooza

    I put this game here because I actually got lynched on page one in RVS, intentionally. It was pathetic.


[[12]]Mini Normal 1984: Big Brother Is Watching...