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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Comment Spot

Anything goes here, as long as it follows site rules.

As I'm assuming by "anything", you mean that others commenting is all right, I've got a question. How do you describe your playstyle? I've noticed a couple things, and wonder if you do. - Cow

This will be a long explanation. Yes, I do mean that you can talk about anything here as long as it follows site rules. And your question is a good one. Here's my stab at how I describe my play style

I like making a mixture of both short and long posts. When I'm in a direct argument with a person, I tend to make a spree of shorts posts attacking them. However, I also like doing long posts as well as you are able to get caught up and get it over with in one post instead of flooding the thread with multiple short posts when unnecessary. Other reasons for long posts include making a big case on a person where I try to point out as many scummy things as possible to make my case somehow convincing, doing an analysis, looking at bandwagons of mis-lynched people, and searching for connections. When I make big posts, I like to put them all up in one posts instead of spreading them out because you may forget something vital and you don't want that to happen. Although to be honest, this only really describe my better games.

I noticed that activity has been a problem for me recently. I am currently trying to rectify this with playing less games overall and I feel that being more active in those games makes me an overall better player because I'm more focused on them. Currently in five, hoping to stay in no more then four games at a time.

I tend to think about making a specific post long before actually making them. I feel that I am more likely to remember the post and will be able to contribute easily. Yes I like to make up posts in my mind and eventually dish it out to the world.

I'm that kind of person who wants to attempt to refute cases made against him. Why? Because as town, you know that they're in the wrong direction by trying to lynch you. As scum, it gives you more time to manipulate the town and lead the game in your favor. And I do mean by refute cases against him, I mean every single part about the case possible.

Right now, I'll say that I'm more of a cautious player then an aggressive one, although I am attempting to become more aggressive with my play style.

And slightly irrelevant, I like to listen to music while playing Mafia, it gets me into a good mood.


A estastic fan of Mafia as like others.

I am a huge fan of video games, especially about Nintendo and ESPECIALLY about the Super Smash Bros. series (I'm an obvious fan). I've been playing video games since 1998 and has remained my favorite hobby to this date.

Where Else Can You Find Me?

I love Mafia, but it's not the only site I visit frequently. You can also catch me on the following sites:

  • Youtube (Limelight760) Here, I upload extended version of video game musics I like (I consider video and music different)
  • Virtual Teen Forum (Limelight788)
  • Fanfiction (Limelight788) I will be working on Stardust Warrior.

In the case if and when I leave Mafiascum again, you can find me on there.

Smash World Forums

I was introduced to Mafia with this site. The place is in Desicive Games. To find it, go to Smash World Forums, in the General Discussions section, go to the Forum Games section, and finally, enter the Desicive Games section.

To be honest, I came across Mafia because well, I was bored. I looked around for a little while and I saw it interesting. Little did I know that from then, it would be one of the main reason why I spend so much time on the Internet nowadays.

I signed up for SwordsRbroken's games on March 5, 2010, whom's game was Smash Bros. Mafia.

Smash Bros. Mafia

As of now, this is what I consider to be my very worst game I have every played. It was a complete disater from Day 1. It was bad enough I had to be V/LA for half of Day 1, but things went even more downhill from there. I manage to actually start pissing people off, especially Meta-Kirby. With my numerous terrible posts, I manage to increase in suspicion dramatically. Then when I thought Fatchu was at L-1, I attempted to hammer Fatchu. I manage to get put at L-1 because of that. Sure I did improve a bit during the rest of the day, but Day 2 was even worse for me. When The Paprika Killer asked me to claim, I gave up and decided to self-hammer, which was the worst thing I have ever, ever done in a Mafia game. I got a few people really mad at me, especially Meta-Kirby, who basically threw a fit over this situation. I was revealed as a Mafia Goon. While scum did eventually win the game, I did so horribly that I consider it a loss for me (Same with every game I die in).

Newbie Mafia 5

I did a lot better in this game, thought. I had minimal suspicion in Day 1 and Day 2 and even thought I was a primary lynch candidate in Day 3, I manage to avoid lynch. Day 4, we were in a rare situation and resorted to No Lynch. I died in endgame. Sure scum won, but I consider this the first game that I actually did well in. Oh and I flipped Town Mason.

The Muppet Mafia

My performance in Day 1 was pretty bad, but I think I did decent for Day 2 and so-so in Day 3, even thought I got lynched (I stopped caring about the game by the time I was lynched). I think I did OK in that game, but I could have done a lot better. I was a Vanilla Townie. Town won this game.

Tree Stump Mafia

What do you know, a Town win in Day 1, how awesome is that? I'd say I did OK in the game, so-so at worst. It was really hard to follow thought and I started to lose interest in the game as the days went by. Nevertheless, I am proud of my first true victory period. I was a Townie.

Newbie Mafia 6

I replaced Sworddancer Day 2 and I did well on that day. Day 3 was OK, Day 4 was bad. I failed to claim properly and got lynched. I was a Town Doctor. Scum went on to win the game. I'd say I did okay to decent in that game.

Dragonball Z Mafia

This game was very entertaining, but I rate my performance as so-so. I was really hyped for this game. Strangely enough, I almost never got in, due to my self-hammer at Smash Bros. Mafia. I had to talk to Ronike via AIM to get in.

Day 1 was crazy, especially the first two days. Hundreads of posts were made during the time and it was difficult to keep up with the game, although I did manage to do so. I also posted a lot of fluff and I manage to get on some people scum list.

Overswarm cheated Night 1 and nearly ruined the game for us. Ronike temporarily blacklisted him for his attempting of breaking the game. Luckily, the game was still going to go on.

However, on Day 2, I was up for a rude awakening. I received a ton of pressure to improve and I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I got very, very close to getting lynched. So close, that not only did I nearly give up on the game, I also could have declared that I was never coming back to Desicive Games, period. However, I was smart enough to actually claim and that saved my life. I was actually quite surprised that I never got Night Killed. Meta-Kirby got lynched instead.

Fast forward to the end of the game. SwordsRbroken was lynched Day 5 and flipped Town Vigilante. Co-Independents Cello Marl and Kataefi won the game. Despite Ronike attempt to coax me a bit, I really do feel disasatified with my play, as I do with most other Mafia games I've played.

MXC Mafia

Last game on the site before temporarily retiring and it wasn't too bad, thought my play was bittersweet.

I thought I did well Day 1. I was pretty aggressive with my suspicion and clear with my thinking. We even manage to catch scum that day.

I got lynched Day 2 due to my inadequate interaction with Kirbyoshi. Being treated as a policy lynch confirmed that if I wanted to get better at Mafia, I had no choice but to leave for a while. Still, town did manage to win and at least I left with a town win.

Leaving Decisive Games

I left Decisive Games because I hated how I was playing and I simply could not take being a policy lynch in-game, especially since I knew there were far, far worse players. Thus I came to this site to improve my play and see if I can apply it toward this game.

As of my recent games, I have felt more confident in my play and that I have played a lot better then my earlier games (Trust me, I was horrible when I started out).


I joined the place on March 25, 2010. I feel like I do better in here. Maybe my style fits more naturally with these types of games.

Newbie Mafia 934

This game I did okay in. I played well in Day 1, but the quality of my game play started to slip from their. By Day 3, I stopped caring about the game and got lynched. I was a Vanilla Townie. My lynch caused a scum win. I have a lot to learn from that game.

Mini 955: Classic Mafia

In the list of games that I don't want to talk about in the near future, along with Smash Bros. Mafia. This was the first game that I've ever replaced into (Replaced Doomcow Day 1). I did horribly in this game, looked scummy from the start. I claimed Vanilla Townie, lying about my role in fears of a Night Kill. I knew it was too late to back track because I knew even if I honestly claimed, I would be lynched because of the Lynch All Liars policy. I got lynched Day 1 and flipped Town Cop. A few people got on me because of it. And no, I'm not explaining why I didn't claim because it's too late to do so.

Mini 958: Another Mafia Problem

First non-newbie game here. I did decently in Day 1, but I was doomed from when I accidently hammered ConfidAnon Day 2, who flipped Vanilla Townie. I was killed Day 3 and flipped Vanilla Townie. I'd say I did so-so, but really, town didn't play that good of a game, with the exception of Elias_the_thief and hasdgfas.

Open 223: Jedi's Assassin

This is what happens when the town is not careful about lynching Day 1. It's especially bad in a seven-players set-up as I felt my Day 1 lynch was unjustified.

Mini 984: Mafia in Mobsville

I'm not talking about this game again, no execption.

Mini 988: Small Town Mafia

First game as Mafia over at Mafiascum and 2nd game as Mafia period. When looking at it, my play was a substantial improvement compared to the first scum game I was in. Day 1 I managed to bus my scum partner (The Butterfly) for I knew he would be detrimental to my alignment if he stayed anymore then one Day. When The Butterfly flipped scum, I decided to make a big case against Nachomamma8 and I successfully pulled for his lynch. I did a little less Day 3, but enough to still retain a town read from everyone (Except DavidParker). Concerned claimed Town Vigilante. Since only one Kill happened during Night 1 and Night 2, I was attempt to shift my kill toward Cuetlacthli Night 3. Turns out Concerned wasn't lying and managed to vig me successfully, thus resulting in a town win.

Very entertaining game, mostly solid line-up of players, and I did great in it.


What a hilarious Mafia game. ReaperCharlie made his active-lurking so obvious that we nearly lynched him for it Day 2 (He turned around, which saved him). We literally owned Andrius and dramonic by the simple process of elmination, but Parama ended up surprising us all that he was scum, which he got a Scummy nomination for. Still, this was a lot of fun and I did great.

Newbie 977: Death in Sudotopia

After three failing attempts at replacing, I decided to give it one more shot at the Newbie Queue. I tried to replace in for Guthrie, but Friend beat me to it by eight minutes. However, I did get another replacement offer for Beanman and I did. He was under suspicion at the time. I made a relatively big catch-up post that contained my thoughts and all went well for the most part. I was surprisingly NK'd Night 1, thought. It was a good town, although they should't have rushed the Day and I never would have guessed in a million years that esuriospiritus was scum in that game. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and one of the first games I watched to completion after dying (Usually, I'm embarrassed to read the thread due to my poor play in them and being lynched early, hopefully this is a sign of change).

Mafia 114: Mafia Vs. Werewolves

My first large game and probably my best game as of now. A lot happen during the game, so it would be a waste to not talk about it.

I slipped up a little during confirmation stage and that got me into a position where I was the most likely to be lynched at the very beginning of Day 1. Luckily, with help from Vi/Seraphim/Leafsnail and my contributation, the suspicion on me was all but gone. I started to contributed on a very large amount and put forth my very best effort toward finding scums, starting with my case on Parama (Who was scum, although I switched my vote to other people).

Day 2, I team up with SerialClergyman with the town team idea. Turns out it was a horrible idea, as I gained some suspicion out of that. I immediately dropped the idea. It turns out that SerialClergyman did have scum intentions, as he flipped scum Day 8.

Eventually, I made it very clear that I was a threat to the scums, so I was NK'd Night 6.

Even thought town would eventually lose, they at least tried very hard and weren't dysfunctional like LynchMePls painted them to be. Anyway, this game was a ton of fun to watch and I really wanted to stay alive as long as possible.

But if I have learn anything from that game, it is this. Don't be afraid of becoming suspicious as town when there are scums to find. This was a hard lesson to learn and this game finally taught me that.

I also feel that I left the game as a considerably better player. I felt if not for this game, I wouldn't feel nearly as confident about my Mafia ability and I wouldn't think I have the potential to be one of the better players here.

Mini 985: Madness at Night

Notable because this is the very first game that I have won on this site, so it gives me a warm glow to a degree. Unfortunently, my play doesn't really reflect that. I was heavily suspected Day 1 and Day 2 and to a lesser extend, Day 3, although we did win Day 4.

The title at least lived up to it's name in one circumstance, it was crazy.

This was an eleven-players game, which confused a lot of people. Due to my scummy play Day 1, I was put at L-2. There was only two more days to the original deadline. I would have claimed at L-1, but it would be too lynch and I would have received yet another Day 1 lynch. So I decided that at L-2, it was claim now or face another lynch. I claimed my role and a few people got onto me. Shortly after, the game went into a post explosion with podium123456 recklessly defending himself and among other things, it was crazy. Nopointinactingup nearly got lynched due to my stupidity. Eventually, we decided on Sando for Day 1, who flipped Mafia Godfather, which gave town a huge advantage right off the bat. podium123456 was NK'd the following night. Night 1, I investigated AlmasterGM, who flipped town. I investigated him due to the potential Sando-AlmasterGM connection.

Once again, I gain heavy suspicion Day 2 and to be honest, I did very little. I had to be prodded to get back into the game due to lack of interest. Due to a mistake, llamaeatataco was lynched Day 2, even thought I switched my vote to charter. Also, I had very confused reads. Litterally, I thought if llamaeatataco was scum, so was AlmasterGM, a complete fail in my part.

And get this, I was counterclaimed not only once, but twice. One was scum (charter), another was an Insane Cop (AlmasterGM). And yet I still survived to the end. Who would expect a townie to live through two counterclaims? And yet I did.

Luckily, people believed my claim Day 3, thanks to me investigating charter-scum, although hiphop still pushed for my lynch, we eventually No Lynched. Night 3, I made the correct decision in investigating my top suspect, SpyreX, who turned up scum. He was lynched Day 4 and town won.

Although my play was far from perfect, given that this is my first win on this site, a win is a win.

Mini 974: Thrillville Mafia

First theme games I've played on-site. It was pretty entertaining while I lasted in this game. It's too bad that I got lynched Day 1 again. Hopefully, this should be the end of my bad streak.

However, I'm also kind of glad to not have survived any longer. Heard that the game mechanics got seriously broken and pissed off quite a few players. The game also went on forever, about three months. At the end, it ended in a draw. Which sucks for both factions.

Mini Mafia 1008: Mega Man Mafia

Mega Man is my favorite video game character. Unsurprisingly, I joined the game. The game was pretty entertaining while it lasted. I felt that I did great in this game, avoided suspicion and scum hunted a lot. Day 1 was pretty funny with drmyshottyizsik making a complete fool out of himself and getting himself lynched. Too bad he was town. Friend's hammer was horrible, thought.

Day 2 was fun, although not as much as the first day as activity was much lower. Friend ended dayvigging the wrong person (Switz) on Day 2 and we had to No Lynch. I was NK'd the following night, much to my surprise.

Scum ended up winning in an unlikely winnable situation. I had gut feelings that XScorpion was scum and he was slightly scummy, but never did I suspect LynchMePls at one moment in the game. Props to them for winning.

Wished the modding was a bit better in this game thought. One vote count every two days? That's lame.

Mafia 117: The Vanillaside

I wished I was scum in that game.

I prefer pro-town alignment and all, but I was so disappointed with the town play, it's not even funny. You'd think that a group of mostly solid, experienced players would be organized and actually work together. Unfortunently, that wasn't the case. I will say Mafia did play great, thought.

I joined this game mostly for the playerslot and the required high activity, which had me pumped for it. With quick confirmation, I was expecting this to be a memorable experience. Unfortunently, the town started to collapse around the time vezokpiraka claim. While he was town, lynching vezokpiraka right then and there would have been a good idea. But no, the town got worked up over one post I've made and because of that, I had no choice but to expose my power role. Then they went up to Seraphim and lynch the Vigilante! Like seriously, they lynched the Vigilante while he was on V/La and didn't even give him the chance to claim! I was killed the following Night. Come to think about it, I should have claimed Vanilla Townie so maybe town wouldn't have lost two power roles in one Day/Night!

I knew from then that town was going to lose. RedCoyote, who replaced the likely lynch that was Korts, played excellently and turned the game around for his slot and cement a win for the scums. Our two VI's, MehPlusRawr and vezokpiraka, were lynched eventually, but I felt they should have been lynched Day 1 instead of Seraphim. Night 2, our gunsmith was vanillized and NK'd, a truly unlucky situation for the town as they were guessing the possibility of gunsmith in later days. But the gunsmith was rolecopped by the scums anyway.

Not surprisingly, scum got a perfect victory.

This game is the perfect example of how to not play as a town. It's especially shameful as the majority of the town were actually well-known to be very good at Mafia. And with a 11:3 set-up, you have to admit, town could have done so much better.

Me and Seraphim were constantly criticizing the town for it's poor play and even going as far as to root for the scums, who unlike the town, didn't mess around, didn't suck, and knew what they were doing.

Mini 1005: Mafiaphobes!

When I first saw the flavor of this game, I knew I was not playing a generic Mini Normal game. First day I was quite mixed on. I did manage to avoid a lynch, which was a good thing, but I also lurked under pressure, possibly the worst thing you can do to deal with pressure. I knew that Day 2, since scums got lucky with a mislynch, that I had to change my play around.

Luckily, Day 2 was haliriously easy. Tazaro basically spammed the thread over and over again, making information difficult to read and some chuckles from me, as he was hurting town more then helping them, not to mention that he was an easy mislynch to pull off. A lot of people wanted him lynched for being scummy and spamming the thread for no reason. Being the opportunistic scum, I decided to join before I could be called out for joiing late in the wagon. vezokpiraka, one of my scum buddy, hammered Tazaro by accident. Will need to re-read Day 2 for humor.

Day 3 and Day 4 were still fun, although Day 3 was when the scums starting to fall apart. Sotty7 Day 3 was caught as a scum roleblocker and mercilessly lynched. Vezokpiraka played really poorly in this game and was lynched the next day.

I was the last to go on Day 5. To be honest, that was something I needed, especially since school is taking up a lot of time for me. While I didn't eventually win, I will say that I did like my play here, not to mention I loved the flavor of this game.

Mini 1000: The Brave and the Beautiful

This game I signed up as a replacement, but never expected to play any part of. Then just a few days before school started, ReaperCharlie asked me and Starbuck to replace Muffin who was going out of town. Unfortunently, due to the strict V/LA rule, he would be replaced. Since Starbuck didn't respond in time, I got the spot. I made a huge catch-up post which exposed Furcolow-scum, but I was extremely unhappy with the Day 4 choice - MagnaofIllusion, who I thought was obvious town. Night 4, Kdub targetted me for the kill, but bv310 sacerficed himself so I could finally investigate Furcolow, who turned up Evil in my investigation. Day 5, I was completely sure that Furcolow was scum. Others {Kast, Muffin} agreed and the last evil girl in town was wiped out.

I feel good about this victory. Unlike Mini 985: Madness at Night where I only wanted to mention it due to my first win on site being that game, I was satisfied with my play in the limited time I was in the game. This got me a pre-in invite by ReaperCharlie to his upcoming Metropolis: Revelation, which I will put forth the maximum amount of effort into the game. Soooo looking forward to that.

Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims

A tremedously enjoyable game, even if it was confusing and that I wasn't super active. By reading this game, you are in for a treat. Present in this game are lovers, tons of third-party players, insanity, betrayal, and even God himself.

There were actually people claiming third-party (Or in Espeonage case, scum), that's how insane this game was. The flavor was amazing, something that I always read before moving on to see the flips. The scums weren't attacked until Day 6, but were killed off completely the following Night.

Too bad Andrius decided to betray me and go with AlmasterGM for the cult win, which sucks for me and the town. Oh well, at least I played well.

That's not even touching the icing, thought.

Supernatural Mafia

First game with a cult in it. Also one of my best game so far and the game I feel the most proud of, despite the town losing. Day 2, I replaced in for Untrod Tripod who made only one vote and that was for a reasonless vote on MagnaofIllusion. When I replaced in, I went in with all guns blazing, making the absolute maximum effort in that game. I managed to get a lot of notice and people actually believed what I was saying.

Our first scum (Cult really) lynch was ReaperCharlie during Day 3, who was tracked to molestargazer's death on Night 1, which he was called out for. He flipped Lucifer (Not immediately), a Cult Leader (Which was passed on to MagnaofIllusion, whom I considered obvious town).

Day 4, jmj3000, who was Night Killed Night 1, was revived and claimed hider. He claimed that he hid under Sawyer and died. That along with his "connection" with ReaperCharlie and he was busted. He was lynched and flipped Mafia.

We didn't really lynch any scums from then, which was disappointing. However, one of my primary suspects - GroupThink died Night 7 and flipped cult, I was at least right with that. I thought tubby216 had to be scum, turns out I was wrong. Day 9, we mislynched Lowell because he had been playing scummy throughout the entire time. While the cult was wiped out, the Mafia went on to win this game. Props to them and props to the town for trying.

Mafia 115: Wickedestjr's Large Mafia

First game I was Night Killed in and a game that I was very satisfied with my performance in. Even thought I didn't post much, I was pretty outspoken about my opinions in that game. The only suspicion that I gained was how I treated the MehPlusRawr's bandwagon, but that didn't stop me from being NK'd the following night.

The game slowly but surely went into a terrible stagnation. So much so that I could not bear watching it anymore. Which unfortunently cause town to lose interest and hand the game to the Blue Mafia in a two towns, one scum game at the very end.

Kind of ashamed that my scum reads were way off. All of my five suspects flipped town.

Open 242: Friends and Enemies

Infuriated at Battle Mage, my scum buddy, for lynching me Day 1 with a very weak case on me. My wagon was incredibly weak and it would be a hallmark of scumminess had I been town. First vote (Battle Mage) bussed me for a weak case, Jahudo basically rid on his case on me, and the rest went by saying "We need a lynch, let's get on SSBF!".

Pretty surprised that Haylen managed to pan out the game for the scums, so I will at least give her some credit.

Mini 1027: Cereal Killers

I played like obvious town on the first three days and I manage to suspect both scums with XScorpion as my top suspect. I was on track and made great posts that everyone (Except SpyreX) approved of.

What probably got me lynched Day 5 was my play before, where I declared uncertainty on when to vote. Me not putting down a vote for XScorpion and my neutral read on hiphop probably explained why I was lynched.

But then I was lynched Day 5 and I did not get an oppertunity to defend myself at all. SpyreX and XScorpion no killed and with SpyreX's claim, he claimed that he jailed me, which I knew was false. Postgame, I really wanted to yell at the town for acting like SpyreX was confirmed town and believed everything he said.

Also, I will never be fooled by SpyreX or XScorpion again. Next time that I'm town and you're scum, I will make sure I get you lynched!

A Clash of Kings

My play in this game undoubtely stinked. I played okay during the first half of Day 1, but I uber-lurked throughout the rest of the game and showed little respect toward it. I had to be prodded three times, so I was one of the more inactive players in the game. Almost everyone wanted me lynched and they had good arguements that I either couldn't refute or I was too lazy/afraid to do. Yes, I massively lurked under pressure.

One thing I've learn from this game is that if you have zero knowledge of the material, you shouldn't join it. Furthermore, lurking under pressure never works out in your favor. And among other things.

How well I played in each game (IMO)

Smash World Forums

  • Smash Bros. Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Newbie Mafia 5: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Muppet Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Newbie Mafia 6: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Tree Stump Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Dragonball Z Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Cartoon Cartoon Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • MXC Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png


  • Newbie Mafia 934: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 955: Classic Mafia: RCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 958: Another Mafia Problem: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 964: Another Story: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 974: Thrillville Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • New York 114: Mafia Vs. Werewolves: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.png
  • A Clash of Kings: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 984: Mafia in Mobsville: RChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Open 223: Bird 7/The Jedi Assassin: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 985: Madness at Night: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 988: Small Town Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.png
  • New York 115: Wickedestjr's Large Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 991: POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Last Will Mafia II: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 1000: The Brave and the Beautiful: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Newbie 977: Death in Sudotopia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Supernatural Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.png
  • Mini 1005: Mafiaphobes!: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Mini 1008: Mega Man 1 Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.png
  • New York 117: The Vanillaside: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • /in-vitational G6: N/A
  • Open 242: Friends and Enemies: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Cereal Killers: Mini 1027: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • The Lord of the Rings Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
  • Nintendo Mafia: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRChalfstar.png

The Future of Mafiascum for Me

I'm going to come back to this game, mainly to help jmj3000 out, but do expect me to stay around. This time, however, it will only be one game at a time and I won't be joining those super fast games I can't catch up to (A la Star Aligned III).

Planned Games to Mod

  • Winger Dinger Production Mafia (Mini Theme)
  • Guns and Ropes: Berlin (Open, although it's not guarantee I'll be the mod since you don't get to create your own set-ups, just suggest them)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (Mini Theme)
  • Guns and Ropes: Los Angeles (Large Normal)
  • A Scummer Is Born (Newbie)
  • Pirates, Robots, And Aliens! (Mini Normal)
  • Guns and Ropes: Tokyo (Mini Theme)
  • Dragonball Mafia (Large Theme)
  • An Unfulfilled American Dream (Large Theme)
  • WII SUCKS MAFIA! (Large Theme)

Explanation regarding future games:

Let me say this, with Mini Theme's, Large Normal's, and especially Large Theme's games I mod, I will have quality control. The reason why I am doing this is because people are sick and tired of VI's playing in their games and I want to make sure that everyone enjoys playing. That means that just because you're not on my blacklist doesn't mean that you are guarantee to be in my game. I will check your three most recently finished games to see if I will allow you to join my games.

Winger Dinger Production: I'm going to be working on this one. It's something that people don't expect and should be an interesting theme if I can pull it off. Also, it will have adult theme, but I want to understand what limit I can push it to before I start running it, since I don't wish to get myself banned for making a mistake.

The Guns and Ropes series: Berlin I'm not sure on since you aren't guarantee you can run your planned set-up. If enough people would be interested in it or if I find a set-up that feels just right, I may do it, but I'm not sure about this.

Los Angeles and Tokyo, on the other hand, as long as I don't quit before, they will happen. I feel that a big city setting combined with my flavor quality in Guns and Ropes: Midland can make a fantastic game that everyone can enjoy. I may not have visited either, but I can try to get some information regarding it so I can create a proper game about it.

Yu Yu Hakusho: I saw the entire anime and I absolutely loved it. It is how you make an anime and is near-perfect in my opinion. So why not make one? I think with me refreshing my memories regarding the series, I can make a great game out of it.

A Scummer Is Born: Like Guns and Ropes: Midland, only that it'll be fiction and it will not have a narrator.

Pirates, Robot, And Alien!: Not based off anything, totally original concept, I promise. Unlike the Guns and Ropes series, this will take a much less serious turn for Mafia. This time, I want to put in my own humor and make it not only fun, but hilarious.

Dragonball Mafia: I've always loved the Dragonball series, but I have no plans on doing DBZ or DBGT Mafia since Ronike already did the former in Smash World Forums, and DBGT, while good, doesn't really have enough original contents for myself to great a very great Mafia game. Maybe I could do that as a side Mafia game, but it's pretty unlikely.

The original series stands a much better chance. Reason being is because I absolutely love the series, even more so then DBZ. There is a lot of potential for a big Mafia game with a great amount of care to it and it can get really crazy, really fast. However, one thing that may keep me from doing it is that I'm worried it'll be too similar to Ronike's DBZ Mafia and I don't want people to just play the same game, but with a larger # of players, setting being the original, and different role names. I want to make sure I can do something about it to make it a great and enjoyable game for all. The reason why Super Smash Bros. Mafia was such a success is because me and the other mods (Andrius, dramonic, and animorpherv1) were able to contribute great ideas and execute them well, even if we did have a couple of hiccups along the way).

An Unfulfilled American Dream: The most serious of my Mafia games and the one I will put forth the most dedication to. The game will be complicated, require a lot of experience, and not only that, my quality control will be more strict then the ones in other games. I will be expecting not only for people to not act like VI's, but for the player to have demonstrated themselves to be decent, active players with the ability to play with anyone and not be destroyed by another player. This isn't going to be exactly the easiest game to get into, so when this game comes around and if you express interest in it, make sure that you can play the game well.

WII SUCKS MAFIA!: This is a spiritual successor to mikeburnfire's PLAYSTATION2 SUCKS's game back in 2006. It'll be similar to that, although I want to put in my own ideas as well to keep it from being a fresh coat of that game.

My Blacklist

Not allow to play with me or be in games I mod:

  • moose200x (Disruptive, trolling, refusing to provide any contents whatsoever, and then flaking in Guns And Ropes: Midland plus past history indicative of similar behaviors)

Not on the blacklist yet, but very close to doing so:

  • millar13
  • drmyshottyizsik
  • chesskid13

Players I want to give a shout out to!

  • Andrius (Mafiascum)
  • Clownbot (Smash World Forums)
  • Deer (Mafiascum)
  • dramonic (Mafiascum)
  • Friend (Mafiascum)
  • LynchMePls (Mafiascum)
  • MagnaofIllusion (Mafiascum)
  • gandalf5166 (Mafiascum)
  • Kirbyoshi (Mafiascum/Smash World Forums)
  • MichelSableheart (Mafiascum)
  • Nachomamma8 (Mafiascum)
  • Netopalis (Mafiascum)
  • Rockin (Smash World Forums)
  • ReaperCharlie (Mafiascum)
  • SpyreX (Mafiascum)
  • Sworddancer. (Smash World Forums)
  • SwordRBroken (Smash World Forums)
  • Tom (Smash World Forums)
  • Vanderzant (Smash World Forums)
  • Vi (Mafiascum)
  • Xiivi (Smash World Forums)

Even if you're not on the list, rest assure that I do not hate any of you. Mafia has one of the best Internet community I've ever seen in the two years I've been on forums and I am able to respect everyone here.

List of Mafia Games

Smash World Forums

Game Mod Entry Status Start End Role Alignment Death Result
Smash Bros. Mafia SwordsRbroken From Start Finished March 8, 2010 April 30, 2010 Bowser, Mafia Goon Mafia Day 2 by lynch Mafia Wins
Newbie Mafia 5 Xiivi From Start Finished March 8, 2010 April 7, 2010 Town Mason Townie End gamed Mafia Wins
Muppet Mafia Gheb_01 From Start Finished March 29, 2010 May 12, 2010 Kermit the Frog, Vanilla Townie Townie Day 3 by lynch Town Wins
Newbie Mafia 6 Xiivi Replaced Sworddancer. Day 2 Finished April 8, 2010 May 18, 2010 Town Doctor Townie Day 4 by lynch Mafia Wins
Tree Stump Mafia Macman From Start Finished April 20, 2010 May 9, 2010 Townie Townie Survived Town Wins
Dragonball Z Mafia Ronike From Start Finished May 2, 2010 June 7, 2010 Piccolo, Town Jailer Townie End gamed Co-Independents Wins
Cartoon Cartoon Mafia Junglefever From Start Finished May 20, 2010 July 5, 2010 Courage the Cowardly Dog, Vanilla Townie Townie Day 4 by lynch Mafia Wins
MXC Mafia ChiboSempai Finished In Progress June 28, 2010 August 16, 2010 Vanilla Townie Townie Day 2 by lynch Meat Handler and Cartoon Voice Actions wins!


Game Mod Type Entry Status Start End Role Alignment Death Result
Newbie Mafia 934 ElectricBadger The Road to Rome From Start Finished March 29, 2010 May 22, 2010 Vanilla Townie Townie Day 3 by lynch Mafia Wins
(Link) AlmasterGM Little Italy Replaced Doomcow Day 1 Finished April 11, 2010 June 2, 2010 Town Cop Townie Day 1 by Lynch Mafia Wins
Mini 958: Another Mafia Problem magnus_orion Little Italy From Start Finished April 19, 2010 May 23, 2010 Vanilla Townie Townie Day 3 By Lynch Mafia Wins
Mini 964: Another Story Azelf Little Italy Replaced Jag Johan Day 1 Finished May 3, 2010 July 13, 2010 Townie Townie Day 1 by Lynch Mafia Wins
Mini 974: Thrillville Mafia animorpherv1 Coney Island From Start Finished May 17, 2010 August 18, 2010 Dagda, Sukarno, Vanilla Townie Townie Day 1 by Lynch Draw
New York 114: Mafia Vs. Werewolves MichelSableheart New York From Start Finished May 17, 2010 August 3, 2010 Vanilla Townie Townie Night 6 by Night Kill Werewolves Win
A Clash of Kings Eddard Stark Theme Park From Start In Progress June 1, 2010 October 4, 2010 Rorge, Bulletproof Serial Killer Self-Aligned Day 4 by Dual-Lynch Draw
(Link) Locke Lamora Little Italy Replaced Mitsuru Kirijo Day 1 In Progress June 2, 2010 August 30, 2010 Townie Townie Day 2 by lynch Town Wins
Open 223: Bird 7/The Jedi Assassins McGriddle Central Park From Start Finished June 5, 2010 June 18, 2010 Townie Townie Day 1 by Lynch Mafia Wins
Mini 985: Madness at Night Hayker Little Italy From Start In Progress June 9, 2010 August 3, 2010 Town Cop Townie Survived Town Wins
Mini 988 - Small Town Mafia lobstermania Little Italy From Start Finished June 10, 2010 July 13, 2010 Mafia Mafia Night 3 by Night KIll Town Wins
New York 115: Wickedestjr's Large Mafia Wickedestjr New York From Start Finished June 18, 2010 September 26, 2010 Townie Neighbor Town Night 1 by Night Kill Blue Mafia Wins
Mini 991 - POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA SpyreX Coney Island From Start Finished June 18, 2010 July 18, 2010 Town Necromancer Town End Gamed Mafia Wins
Last Will Mafia II LlamaFluff Theme Park From Start In Progress June 23, 2010 ??? Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 4 ???
Newbie 977: Death in Sudotopia Sudo_Nym The Road to Rome Replaced Beanman Day 1 Finished June 29, 2010 July 21, 2010 Townie Townie Night 1 by Night Kill Mafia Wins
Mini 1000: The Brave and the Beautiful ReaperCharlie Coney Island Replaced Muffin Day 4 Finished July 1, 2010 Septermber 4, 2010 Laura Croft, Tomb Raider, Investigator/One-Shot Grave Robber Good Survived Good Wins
Supernatural Mafia farside22 Theme Park Replaced Untrod Triplod Day 2 In Progress July 4, 2010 September 18, 2010 Ellen Harvelle, Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Mafia Wins
Mini 1005: Mafiaphobes! totallynotmafia Little Italy From Start Finished July 7, 2010 September 2, 2010 Mafia Godfather Mafia Day 5 by Lynch Town Wins
Mini 1008: Mega Man 1 Mafia Netopalis Coney Island From Start In Progress July 19, 2010 August 21, 2010 Fire Man, Vanilla Townie Townie Night 2 by Night Kill Mafia Wins
New York 117: The Vanillaside Hoopla New York From Start Finished July 27, 2010 August 26, 2010 Town Tracker Townie Night 1 by Night Kill Mafia Wins
/in-vitational G6 CSL Coney Island From Start Ruined July 27, 2010 July 29, 2010 Town Insane Cop Townie Ruined Draw
Open 242: Friends and Enemies Mafia Socrates Central Park Replaced drmyshottyizsik Day 1 Finished August 6, 2010 September 29, 2010 Mafia Mafia Lynched Day 1 Mafia Wins
Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims SaintKerrigan Theme Park From Start Finished August 9, 2010 September 14, 2010 Mega Man, Robotic Defender Town Endgamed Cult Wins
Cereal Killers - Mini 1027 bouncy.bouncy Coney Island From Start Finished August 20, 2010 September 30, 2010 Buzz Bee, Vanilla Townie Town Day 5 by Lynch Mafia Wins
Nintendo Mafia jmj3000 Theme Park Replace In Night 1 Ongoing March 31, 2011 ??? Old Bird, Vanilla Townie Town Night 2 by Night Kill ???
Team Mafia: Pick Your Power zoraster Coney Island From Start In Progress May 15, 2011 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???



Hydra Name Hydra Partner Game Name Game Moderators Game Type Site Entry Status Start End Role Alignment Death Outcome
Memoria Esponia MagnaofIllusion The Lord of the Rings Mafia Bilbo Baggins Large Theme Mafiascum From Start Over September 25, 2010 ??? Theodred, Vanilla Townie Townie Night 1 by being filled with Arrows! Town Wins!
First game while being part of a hydra to another person. Expect a big summary if I can get off my lazy butt and read.

Games I've had to replace out of

Star Aligned III

Reason: Getting too addicted to Mafia and since it was early in the game, it was best to leave it now then wait later/pan it out and cause my grade to suffer even more, not to mention a longer read for my replacer.

Person who replaced me: nopointinactingup (Day 1)

Games I've modded

Guns and Ropes: Midland

  • Players: 12
  • Type of Game: Mini Normal (Little Italy)
  • Start Date: November 8, 2010
  • End Date: February 6, 2011
  • Current Phase: Over
  • Outcome: Mafia wins!

Players in-game:

  • Enigma/Lateralus: One Shot Immune Serial Killer (Died by Lynch Day 7)
  • LynchMePls: Mafia Roleblocker (Survive)
  • moose200x/pappums rat: Vanilla Townie (End Gamed)
  • Riceballtail: Mafia Goon (Died by Lynch Day 6)
  • jimfinn: Vanilla Townie (Died by Lynch Day 4)
  • Rabies/DemonHybrid: Vanilla Townie (End Gamed)
  • Mizzy/RobCapone: Vanilla Townie (Died by Night Kill Night 4)
  • gonnano: Vanilla Townie (Died by Lynch Day 1)
  • charter: Vanilla Townie (Died by Night Kill Night 2)
  • StrangerCoug: Town One-Shot Governor (Died by Night Kill Night 1)
  • MacavityLock: Vanilla Townie (Died by Night Kill Night 6)
  • ProkhorZakharov: Vanilla Townie (Died by Lynch Day 2)
  • Summary: First game that I modded. The game started out great, it was active, there were always something going on, not to mention that I had a great playerlist. Sadly, it didn't remain that way, as activity went into decline and people started to become apathetic of the game.

I wasn't necessarily a terrible mod, but not a great one either and feel that I could have done more to keep the game up and running, although to be fair, a lot of people did like my modding, so I'm not going to quit just because of this game.

Scum was great, managing to avoid lynch until near the end of the game. LynchMePls's play was fantastic and amazed me at how he could prevent a lynch. He is a scummy-worthy player IMO. The SK played a great game as well before bitting a bullet. Town was a mixed bag. Players that did great were DemonHybrid, charter, StrangerCoug, Mizzy (Before replacing out) and MacavityLock. pappums rat and gonnano were okay, but not great. I did not however, like jimfinn's or moose200x's, as a matter of fact, moose200x was so absymal that along with other games, he is worthy of my blacklist and unless he change for the better of this community, will never be allowed into another one of my games.


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