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A brief History

Behold, Anticollie! one of the newbie scummers of the internets. He has played in a few scumchat games, and is in the process of playing a NG. (593, to be precise). He likes KFC (and mysteriously is Caucasian). His passtimes include Jewelry, metalwork, World of Warcraft (Don't shun him!), and film. He lives in Denver colorado, votes democrat, and doesn't really care about the fate of humanity. (But loves politics).

An Enigma

Oh yes, Anticollie is quite the modern day enigma. While he likes politics, he hates people. He loves disgusting, fat, greasy food, but believes in personal health. He likes to drink expensive beverages, but hates over paying for silly things. He is terribly introverted- but oddly get obsessive compulsive and excited at random intervals. He drinks coffee at legnth, and yet can often be found sleeping at odd times of the day.

His Signature

Lets face it, if Jesus existed (which he didn't), he would have been really, really god damn cool. He walk around, say cool things, and heal people. (Now given, he'd also condone the use of slaves, chop off the hands of women, and various other kinds of yucky things- but that's beside the point). Anticollie can best be described as Jesus, only there is no way in freakin' hell that he's ever die on a cross. Especially for humanity. Yuck. Therefore, Anticollie is like Jesus- only not a sadist. Um, and he exists.