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Hello, I'm animorpherv1. I am a well-liked member of the Mish Mash community - my claim to fame consists of the Newbie Guide to Survivor and being a frequent mod of Survivor. My most popular are the Pokemon Survivor series, which I have modded with kloud1516.


I haven't played Mafia in years. Trust me, that's for the best.

Notable Mafia Games

  • SWN II: Curse of The Nekomata (mod: StrangerCoug).
    • Note: As Dayvig, that lost his power upon killing a postrestricted post restricted person, or townie, I gunned down the SK, and both remaining Greek Mafia members on Day 3, then, on Day 5, SpyreX and I won the game for the town.
  • Mind Screw 4 (mod: Tarhalindur).
    • Note: I, somehow, ended up winning. I got the role of Neutral Item Hunter (Frodo, from Lord of the Rings), and though I was going to lose most of the way through. I grabbed the Comptina, gave it away, got 2 New Items, 2 more, then I got the Comptina back (to this day, I STILL have no idea why I won).

Mish Mash


  • Invite only All-Stars Survivor
  • Various Survivor Twists
    • Coaches (as in BB14, but to help newbies and without a chance to enter the game)
    • Very large TCs that all tribes participate in
    • Redmption Island Twist (allow all players to vote in RI while also allowing RIers some means of comms with outsiders)
  • In Real Life - Job themed Amzing Race.
  • Gypsy Curse 2 (Very Story Driven Large Social)

Mish Mash Games Currently Modding

Survivors I Finished Modding

Large Social Game History

Survivor: 'Scum Island

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 7th

Survivor: Total Drama Island

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 18th

Survivor: UPick

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 17th

Survivor: Chok Full o' Kittens!

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 12th

Survivor: Total Drama World Tour

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 10th

Survivor: Botswana

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 8th

Survivor: All Stars

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 9th

Survivor: Middle Earth

  • Played as: Gollum
  • Placement: 12th

Survivor: Mario Bros.

  • Played as: animorpherv1 (with Mario piece)
  • Placement: 12th

Survivor: Arkham Asylum

  • Played as: Two-Face
  • Placement: 21st

Survivor: Summertime

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 8th

Survivor: Greece

  • Played as: Hank
  • Placement: 6th

Survivor: Conclave

  • Played as: Two-Face
  • Placement: 8th

Survivor: Expect the Unexpected

  • Played as: animorpherv1
  • Placement: 16th

Survivor: #2016

  • Played as: Donald Trump
  • Placement: 9th