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Current completed game record (win/loss/survived):

Town (Total 3/6/2)
- Vanilla Townie 3/5/2
- Sane Perfectionist Police Detective 0/1/0

Scum (Total 3/0/1)
- Mafia Goon 0/0/1
- Mafia Roleblocker 2/0/0
- Mafia Godfather 1/0/0

Other (Total 0/0/0)

Games Played

Ongoing Games (alive):
- None right now.

Ongoing Games (dead):
- None right now.

Completed Games:
- Left 4 Dead Mafia (Crescendo Infected [multiscum mafia team] Godfather, survived N5, Crescendo Infected win)
- Mini 928 - Bloodlust Mafia Remix (Mafia Roleblocker, survived N3, scum win)
- Mini 922 - Mafia in Mo Town (Vanilla Townie, endgamed D4, scum win)
- Newbie 888 (Vanilla Townie, survived D3, Town win)
- Perfectionist Mafia (Sane Police Detective, killed N2, SK win)
- Newbie 849 (Vanilla Townie, killed N3, Town win)
- Newbie 841 (Mafia Roleblocker, lynched D2, scum win)
- Newbie 788 (Mafia Goon, game ruined by my scumbuddy who raged and outed us both)
- Newbie 766 (Vanilla Townie, survived D4, Town win)
- Newbie 754 (Vanilla Townie, killed in endgame, scum win)
- Newbie 752 (Vanilla Townie, killed N2, scum win)
- Newbie 733 (Vanilla Townie, lynched D3, scum win)
- Newbie 728 (Vanilla Townie, lynched D3, scum win)

Games Modded

Ongoing Games:
- None right now.

Completed Games:
- Newbie 870 (Town win)
- Mini 851 - Bloodlust Mafia! (SK win)