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what's up everyone this is katelyn "alive chihiro", i'm playing mafia scum for the pc, let's do this shit

Game record

does not include games i replaced out of, for any reason

  • Newbie 1446: Vanilla Townie, replaced in day 1, killed night 2, defeated by scum
  • Newbie 1558: Mafia Roleblocker, victory as scum
  • (Hilariously) Unbalanced Mafia 2: Town Watcher, killed night 3, victory as town
  • Newbie 1670: Town Cop, killed night 1, defeated by scum
    • I almost don't want to count this one, because literally all I did was one RVS vote before I died. Eh.
  • Newbie 1672: Vanilla Townie, replaced in day 1, victory as town.