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Games in Progress

  • NY 146
  • Open 382
  • Last Will IV

    Completed Games

    Game Role Fate Result Comments
    Open 366 Mafia goon Survived Win
    MLP FiA Watcher Killed N4 Loss This was a SUUUUPER fun game, not just because of the flavor. Most of the players were incredibly active, which meant that the game kept up rather nicely. The way the roles interacted was really interesting, but it ended up working against town, as there was no cross-factional fire, nor did I succeed in using my "watch" ability properly. I think a few of my early intuitive reads ended up to be correct, but I was also wrong about a lot of things. I think it was quite a close game, and I really enjoyed it overall.
    Newbie 1186 Vanilla Townie Endgamed Loss This was a perfect scum victory, which was quite deserved by the scumteam. There were a ton of replacements that ruined the flow of the game, and I think that severely affected the outcome of the game. I was a little put out that I lost the game for town though XP
    Newbie 1169 Jailkeeper Survived Win This was my first game on site, and I think it went rather well, mostly because the scum cop got caught on D1 after fakeclaiming JK. I'm really glad to have started MS with a win.