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Alex Steiner

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Yes, a page about me...ummm. I joined 01/11/09 (That's the First of November), I'm a 17 year old male and I live somewhere in Queensland, Australia. I generally don't read people well, so I hope Mafia can help. So far I haven't been too good at it.

My Games

These will be most recent first.

Newbie 927

Cop, NKed Night 2, Mafia Win. Replaced in on Day 2.

Newbie 903

Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 4, Mafia Win. Replaced in on Day 2.

Newbie 872

Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 3, Town Win.

Newbie 859

Vanilla Townie, NKed Night 1, game abandoned due to inactivity Day 2.