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Aj The Epic

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I'm Aj The Epic (apparently a playyyyer given the other bio). I'm:

Super aggressive Statistically more likely to be town Probably posting walls Not making friends :(

My favorite game was I was a serial killer and won, how can I not like it? Winning any game as the minority is super fun, but winning as a third party and getting to spoil everyone else's fun gives me a special sort of pleasure. It shouldn't and I'm horrible but I digress.

I was nominated for best town in 2013, but I'll let you in on a secret: I got my ass carried so hard in that game by Ms. Marangal. Here's the game: I swear to god this doesn't happen all the time when I play with her, it just seems to.

I am really not good at this game right now. It's been 1.5 years (I left May 2014, just coming back September 2015) and I completely suck at this read thing. Well, I'm still fulfilling what I initially described. Never said I was right :) I'll just say that in thread, instead.

Anyways. College student (econ), supervisor, maintenance worker, past librarian aide and somewhat an aspiring politician (good lord I just realized I could be good at that because we're all liars here...), I have a few unique titles irl. They don't really matter so I won't go any further.

I love playing games with Pirate_Mollie, Mastin2, Maestro, Majiffy (rip), Thezmon (rip), Nachomomma, Not_science, Marangal, Malkittens and some others not mentioned (it's been 1.5 years, give me a break!).

And that's all, folks.