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Ah2190 (also known as AH) is a newcomer to MafiaScum, who often can get confused as a VI

Style of Play

AH prefers being a Townie. However, his style of play while being a townie has made him seem like a VI. Also, he prevers to self-hammer if the chips are down, and he's likely to be hammered anyway.

  • He often uses certain words instead of what he really means
  • He often follows other people's lead, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty, he is able to figure some things out for himself.
  • He will sometimes act like a VI to "bait" any inexperienced Mafia.

Adam's "code"

Dark Hour
Night - used as a refrence to Persona 3
Often if Adam's going to be away, he may post for one of two people to be the target of his "You-Know-What". By doing so, he claims to have a Night power, and if he does, and Night does come while he's away, one of those two would be the target of that power.

Games played

Newbie 778 - Let's Get Drenched I - Cop, Killed Night 1.

Newbie 796 - Mafia Roleblocker, Shot himself (lynched + self-hammered) Day 2.