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Used in Vi's MetaMafia as domains, these are the affinities that broadly describe a playstyle:

  • Asceticism - The watchword of those who maintain a cool head and an even force in even the stormiest conditions. Its opposite is Fervor.
  • Austerity - The modest banner for those who believe that their best use is to empower others. Its opposite is Will.
  • Balance - Those who uphold parity as instituted by statistics and experience. Its opposite is Whimsy.
  • Concision - The ideal of those who believe that wisdom is best expressed in few words. Its opposite is Verbosity.
  • Fervor - The telltale sign of those whose rage drives Towns to unparalleled glory... or ultimate destruction. Its opposite is Asceticism.
  • Justice - A manifestation of the desire to purge those who have deemed themselves unfit to live. Its opposite is Logic.
  • Logic - The supreme tool of an enclave of those who wish to deduce the unambiguous truth. Its opposite is Justice.
  • Solism - The class who works best when alone pays tribute to this domain. Its opposite is Syncretism.
  • Syncretism - A shelter for the ones who believe that working together is a crucial step toward salvation. Its opposite is Solism.
  • Verbosity - The unmistakable herald of those who ascribe to the credo of more being better. Its opposite is Concision.
  • Whimsy - The standard of those who believe in unpredictable fun and lightheartedness. Its opposite is Balance.
  • Will - Those who believe fiercely in pursuing their desires no matter what stands in their way congregate under this name. Its opposite is Austerity.