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A MafiaScum player.

Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Completed Games

Game Type Mod Role /in Death W/L
Square Enix 1: Diabolus Erus Lg. Theme Kise Archfiend Goon Replaced in Killed N6 L
/Invitational 11: Pick Your Poison Lg. Theme Patrick Vanilla Townie Replaced in Lynched D4 L
Newbie 955 Newbie Korejora Cop In From Start Endgamed Rep. Out
Earth's Struggle Lg. Theme Haylen Scoobie Doo In From Start Killed N4 Rep. Out
Mini 1081 Mini Theme Snow_Bunny Town-Aligned Wizard In From Start Lynched D2 L
Fishtown Mafia Mini Normal Fishythefish Town Jailkeeper In From Start Killed N2 Rep. Out
Of Gods and Men Lg. Theme Beholder Death (Sandman) - Town Replaced In Modkilled N5 n/a

Ongoing Games

Game Type Mod Role /in Death Game Phase
Mini 1127: Cults & Masons Mini Theme Kmd4390 Vanilla Townie In From Start Lynched D1 D3