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Have been playing mafia for 10+ years, and have played off and on for a few years online.

I tend to play very serious, but ultimately I'm here for fun :)


Faction Win Loss Tie Total Win %
Town 8 8 0 16 50.0%
Scum 5 1 0 6 83.3%
Third Party 0 0 0 0 0.0%
Total 13 9 0 22 59.1%

Finished Games

Game Died Role Result
Yu-Gi-Oh Card UPick Lynched Day 3 Mafia Roleblocker Loss
Mini 2136: City That Never Sleeps Lynched Day 2 Town City Planner Loss
Maria's Anime Binge Game-End Town Rolemadness Win
Mini 1998: Super Smash Mafia for Nintendo Switch! Game-End Mafia Roleblocker Win
Mini 1993 - Earthbound Mafia: Giygas' Curse Lynched Day 2 Mafia Traitor 1-Shot Gladiator Win
Mini Normal 1984: Big Brother is watching.. Game-End Mafia Goon Win
Mini Normal 1976 - The Firsts Game-End Vanilla Town Win
Paint Mafia NK'd N6 Town Selective Sensor Loss
Mini 1758 NK'd N1 Vanilla Town Win
Open 628: Masons and Mafia Game-End Vanilla Town Win
Open 621 (C9++): The ZAR SHOW S1 Holiday Special Shot Night 3 Vanilla Town Loss
Mini Normal 1744 - Country Music Mafia Lynched Day 4 Town Voyeur Loss
Open 577: Hope Plus One Lynched Day 3 Town Macho Doctor Loss
Mini 1627: Ninja Mini Mafia Game-End Town Friendly Neighbor Loss
Open 580: Tit For Tat Game-End Vanilla Town Win
Open 572: Nightless Vengeful Mayhem Lynched Day 3 Vanilla Town Win
Open 566: Murder on the Oriental Express NK'd Night 4 Town Doctor Win
Open: Profia NK'd Night 3 Mafia Odd-Night Hider Win
Open 575: Friends & Enemies-Together At Last Game-End Mafia Goon Win
Mini 1606: Whodunit? Mafia NK'd Night 3 Town Mason Win
Mini 1596: Minimence I NK'd Night 4 Town Doctor Loss
Newbie 1517: Crossroads Mafia Game-End Town 1-Shot BP Loss