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So you want to know about Aaron Fucking Frost, eh? Well, you're in for one hell of a ride... but be warned, your worldview and perception of mafia may be shattered once you've finished reading this wiki article.

AaronFrost first entered the scene back in 2001. Having never played mafia before, it was just his luck to find himself in a Large Game with 17 Old Gods. (Note: If you don't know what the Old Gods are - they're the founding fathers and mothers of mafia. Their levels of deduction and deception are inconceivable, and prolonged exposure to mortals such as us induces catatonia and insanity.)

So it wasn't looking good for the fresh newbie on the scene, AaronFrost. Just his first game, and he was heavily tipped to crash out, and possibly enter a century long coma at the hands of the merciless Old Gods. (Note: Back then, there was a large betting ring surrounding mafia games, with huge money to be lost/won. Several million pounds were bet on AaronFrost's fate, with most foreseeing a catastrophic result.)



Hectic: Request to reveal classified information from the mafiascum SCP archives.

A New God: Request granted.

The thread opened up like any other back in those days: 500 pages on the first day, with most player's ISOs passing as PHds. Aaron was utterly lost, confused, and in complete disarray. It looked like the bookies were going to be right.

But then, AaronFrost showed his true colours. He came across an ancient wiki page back from 1400s: It was a wiki page on... Flailing. Flailing was defined as "communication in response to the possibility of being lynched that conveys a sense of wild helplessness." But the most fascinating thing about it was the following table:

Group Scum rate Improvement
All players 25.76%
Players identified as flailing 28.71% 11.5%
Players identified as flailing by town 34.92% 35.6%
Players accusing others of flailing 34.65% 34.5%
Players accusing town of flailing 42.25% 64.0%

As you can see, players are more likely to be scum if they are accused of flailing, and are also more likely to be scum if they accuse someone else of flailing. AaronFrost had a crazy thought. It was insane. It could get him killed. But it might just be AaronFrosty enough to work.

He accused every single player in the game of flailing. This was a great shock to the Old Gods. They'd been following ancient wiki articles like the one on Flailing for years; the facts did not ever lie. So they had no choice but to regard every single player in the game as a little more scummy. You're probably thinking right now: according to the table, wouldn't that make AaronFrost scummier than everyone else because he was the one doing the accusing? Well, here's the thing. Aaron had made every one else slightly more scummy, so had therefore by The Old God's Law of Hunting Scum done a whole lot of scumhunting.

This gave the Old Gods no choice but to regard Aaron as locktown (This term is used for those who are so town, you could lock them up and they still wouldn't convert to the Mafia's side). They went through the motions of lynching amongst themselves, while not even considering our good old protagonist, AaronFrost, and by the end of it, he came out victorious as a solo Serial Killer.

The Old Gods were never able to come to terms with the defeat. Mafia in their eyes had been tarnished, spat upon, and dumped in sewage. But in reality, a revolution was brewing. A spark had been ignited. Change. A Renaissance. A new kind of mafia was fast approaching, and AaronFrost was Caesar at its helm.