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Player Info

JEEP's Avatar

JEEP is a technical administrator for He handles much of the coding behind the scenes, including making sure the site is as stable as possible and has all the fancy whiz-bang features that get requested.

He was brought to mafiascum in April 2002 by Sketchwick after spending some time on the GL (thanks to Mikegoo). He is the 63rd user to join Mafiascum. It's sad that not everyone can know their order, the userids were messed up fairly early on.

Awards and Titles

JEEP's title is Cappo Bastone. While setting up the capo groups, Cappo Bastone was unused (it refers to a single person) and since I'm pretty much mith's second, I decided to abuse my power and give myself the title. mith has yet to take it away.


  • Scummie: Prof. Mafia Award for the as yet unfinished Common Tells series
  • Scummie: Best mafia catcher for putting the Common Tells to the test


  • Scummie: Behind the scenes award for random misc. stuff.

Games Played

Someone else can fill this in, I'm too busy with php code.


Someone else can fill this in, I'm too busy with php code.