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Small Street

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  • Small Street
Setup Size:
  • 17
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous
A Smalltown-like setup for 17 players with three mafiosi, initially, in which the Mafia decide on the role distribution.


  • 3 Mafia
  • 14 Townies


  • The Mafia start with 85 credits in the bank. They can overdraw, but the town wins if the Mafia have debts when controlling the vote.
  • During pre-game, which takes half the Day 1 deadline, the Mafia can recruit a fourth member, who is added to the Mafia PT immediately. Depending on if they recruited someone, they have to buy three or four roles, which are immediately distributed randomly among them. The other roles are distributed among the town at the start of Day 1.
  • The buying of roles and recruiting a fourth member need to be approved by a second Mafia member. The other pre-game actions can be canceled until the start of Day 1. The Mafia can perform as many pre-game actions as they want.
  • Each night, every member of the Mafia can perform one individual and one factional or special night action.

Pre-game actions

  • Enable White Flag (hidden) (+20)
  • Encrypt Day 1 (-1)
  • Recruit Fourth Member (-80)


  • Fruit Vendor (can't be performed alongside a factional action) (+1)
  • Public Vanilla (is publicly confirmed not to have any power at the start of Day 1) (0)
  • 2-Shot Neighborizer (0)
  • Priest (hammers fail) (0)
  • 1-Shot Gladiator (plurality rules are in effect after use) (0)
  • Delayed Voyeur (gets results in the form of NAR categories) (-2)
  • 1-Shot Follower (idem) (-3)
  • Even-Night Tracker (-4)
  • Odd-Night Tracker (-5)
  • Universal Backup* (-5)
  • Non-consecutive Night Commuter (can't be performed alongside a factional action) (-5)
  • Modified Faith Healer (fails if both Faith Healers target the same person, 100% success rate otherwise) (-5)
  • 1-shot Night-Governor (target can't be voted next day) (-10)
  • Modified Faith Healer (-15)
  • Vengeful (-25)
  • Restless Spirit (-35)
  • Doublevoter (-45)

*gets the remaining powers of the first traditional PR (not a Public Vanilla, Restless Spirit, Vengeful, Doublevoter) that dies and hasn't used up their abilities

Special Night actions

  • Roleblock (-2)
  • Rolecop (-2)
  • Encrypt Next Day (-1)
  • No-kill (doesn't take up an action slot, while killing does) (+3)
  • Turn Townie Bulletproof (target is informed of this) (+10)