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"Roach wins."- Albert B. Rampage

Player Summary

Games Played

  • Newbie 420 - Lesson Learned: When playing as town, DON'T FLAME!
  • Newbie 432 - Lesson Learned: When playing as the Cop, don't rush lynching.
  • Mafia 65 - Lesson Learned: Never EVER push for a no-lynch when playing as scum!
  • Mini 492 - Lesson Learned: See above for part one. Part two: Don't be an idiot.

Games Modded

Player Profile

From the depths of the wonderful interwebs comes Roach, the local town idiot. Sometimes scum, sometimes town, he's unpredictable and loony. His posts, though not making complete sense, are funny to read some of the time, but mostly a cry of defense (which usually screams "I'M TRYIN' TO PLAY!").

When playing with Roach, the best tactic is to accept the fact that he IS playing and respect that fact. The worst tactic is to view him as some psycho that must be NK'd/lynched ASAP.

Player Comments

  • Newbie 420: Very first game, bad town play. End of story. Lynched Day 1. RESULT: Mafia WIN
  • Newbie 432: First game as Cop, but still bad play. I should never rush a lynch. Lynched Day 1. RESULT: Mafia WIN
  • Mafia 65: First real game, replaced NanookTheWolf, first game as Mafia, but still bad play. NK'd Night 3. NEVER PUSH FOR A NO LYNCH! RESULT: Mod Abandoned...
  • Mini 492: First Mini game, second game as Mafia, first game as godfather. Lynched Day 1. I kinda liked playing, though. RESULT: Mafia WIN