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Mini 454 - Candy Mafia - Day 3, TWO MORE TOWN DEAD

NK'd, Ongoing

Open 37 - Crush Nightless (Day 3)

Lost, Mafia Goon, lost on GF lynch

Mini 465: Chinese New Year Mafia- Game Over!

Loss, Sk, lynched last day.

Open 25 - Jester Mafia (Jester Wins/Mafia 2nd) - before 462

Loss, Townie

Newbie 361: Ended.

Won, Townie, Replaced in for IH last day in LYLO

Newbie 396 - Scum Wins

Lost, Townie. I lost this one singledhandedly. Forever to be know as the Shai game.

Mini 448: Judgement Day Mafia-Game Over!

Won, Townie, Lynched =(

Newbie 341: Post-game name-calling may commence

Loss, Doc, LYLO replaced in

ONGOING: Newbie 411 - Day 2

Mafia 66 - Freelancer - The day the sun came up

Mini 453 [insert title here] DAY 3!