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I will probably stop updating this as it's a pain, but I doubt you care. It's *way* out of date.

I joined on the 28th of June, 2009. I am Plum's younger sister. Since my name is often misspelled by other players, I don't mind being called Pom or Pome (but I prefer Pom).

All my game stuff needs to be updated.

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Current Games

Games I'm playing at the moment:

~Scummers Mafia

~Mini 954 ~ Mafia at the 11th Hour

Ongoing Games

Games in which I'm dead, but the game isn't over:

~Mini 934: Trouble at Smiths&Catharts

~Karma Mafia

Completed Games

Wins: 5

Losses: 17

Abandoned: 2

Games I've played which have ended, or been abandoned. In order of completion:

~Mini 812- Twilight Mafia- My first game. Replaced in for Plum D2. Lost as town.

~Newbie 818- My first newbie game. Won as town.

~Mini 844- P-p-plain- My first game as scum. The game only lasted about two weeks. Lost as scum.

~Open 165- Lost as town.

~Mafia #100- Was shot as the doc N1. Won as town.

~Mini 851- Bloodlust Mafia- Lost as town. We had a really strange endgame; D3 was me (VT), a vig, three mafia member (one of which was a tracker), and a serial killer. We lynched a mafia member, and through the three NKs everyone was killed but me and the SK, and then I was endgamed. It was weird.

~Newbie 828 Lost as town. I feel kind of bad putting this on my wiki page, as I replaced out, but the replacement was killed that night. (I guess I felt more included when I was PMed at the end of the game inviting me to participate in post game discussion.)

~Mini 852- Crayola Catastrophe- Lost as an SK. I was the only scum, and after a massclaim D3, things went downhill. I think I played fine, or even well considering the circumstances. It was my second game as scum.

~Mini 866: Twitter Mafia- Lost again as town.

~Realistic Mafia II- Kaleidoscope, the mod, flaked, as did Drench, the backup mod. CSL promised to do a redo of it once he's eligible.

~Mafia 102: No-Frills- I was a VT. I was lynched D1- the first time I was ever lynched. Eventually we won the game. The mod, Scigatt, made an afterlife thread for dead players to discuss the game, which I enjoyed. I plan to employ it in future game I plan to run.

~Mini 887- Mad Libs Mafia- I was scum. My buddy was lynched D1, a SK was killed by the PGO N1 while the PGO was doc-protected(and the doc died), and I targeted the PGO N2, and BAM, game over. That was bad.

~Super UPick- Mod abandoned.

~Open 192- Science Mafia- 7 players, quick 10 page game. Lost.

~Mini 883- Krazy Mafia Disaster- Another Haylen-the-Serial-Killer win.

~Xyl's Anime Bastard Chaos Mafia- I was a mafia-mason-recruiter. Our scumteam was doing well. But then one of my scumbuddies told his entire role to his town neighbor (who said that he was a survivor in the QT), decided to go for his alternate-win-condition. He killed me to show everyone his sincerity. He screwed us, so we lost.

~OpenSource Mafia- A fun Bastard-mod game from SlySly. I, as scum with Iecerint and MafiaSSK, was put under a lot of pressure early, but managed to survive until endgame. In the end, it was me versus a SK and a very powerful townie (who would win for the town if I had killed the SK). But I killed her, and lost to the SK.

~Newbie 893 - Newbieland!- I played my first Newbie game as an IC. I was hammered by an obvious scumbag on D2 because I pushed a lynch on the cop D1. The scumbag was lynched the next day, but his buddy managed to survive until endgame.

~Pick Your Power II: Electric Bugaloo- I was town, and lost to a very powerful scumteam, which included a vig (which meant to kills a night), cop, Vengeful Lynchee, as well as other PRs.

~Flash Mafia- Lynched D1, partially because I voted the godfather. And the Mafia won.

~Tech Tree Mafia- Cool mechanics, weird game. Lost as scum.

~SWN- Curse of the Nekomata- Replaced out (but was never actually replaced). SpyreX and animorpherv (who was basically an unlimited dayvig) ruled the game for a town win.

~Pick Your Power III: A Brave New World- Tracked scumkills N1 and N2... I feel proud of my play.

~Mafia 112: Ridiculous Drama!- Mason-vig with Ellibereth. I attempted to kill the SK N1 (he was doc-protected), and shot the Mafia Bus-Driver N2, which played a vital factor in the game (in the words of scum). How SpyreX put it: "Hells yes killing DTM was the awesome moment that I would have never, ever, ever done at that point because my reads were soooo off."



~Open 197- True Love Mafia- Foodfight!-

Scum win, partly due to one of the two mafia flaking. Congratulations to Snakenstein and Phaen!

~Picto Mafia II- Another scum win!