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Private topics (or PTs) are an in-house solution to the problem of secret discussion areas, designed to improve on the previous solution of using a different website altogether such as QuickTopic. Private topics are housed in their own forum and feature a strong blue-and-black theme to make it easier to tell whether (for example) a daytalking scum is posting in the public game thread or the private scum one.

Differences between the old system (using QuickTopics) and the new system include:

  • Private topics are part of MafiaScum. Users, avatars, signatures, and so on are all maintained; signing up for a second site is not necessary. Private topics are also fully integrated into bookmark lists and so on.
  • QuickTopic uses limited HTML code; private topics use the forum's BBCode.
  • Mods can revoke access to private topics (e.g. stopping dead players from posting); QuickTopics cannot limit access once the link is given to a player.
  • Even if a private topic link is given to a player, they cannot see the posts if they have not been given access by the mod. QuickTopics can be read by anyone who follows the link.

Overall, private topics provide a greater level of customization and security.