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Oh My God You Suck

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OMGUS stands for "Oh My God, You Suck (for voting for me)!". it is sometimes used as a shorthand to indicate that you are voting for someone primarily because they voted for you. It is a behavior often associated with inexperienced players.

Why Do This?

It can be used as an "excuse" for a Random Vote near the beginning of the game, or as a retaliation when someone is close to being eliminated, as a vent against the frustration (even if the player being voted for has no reasonable chance of being eliminated).

Occasionally a Scum player will use it to cover a strategic vote, feigning outrage to get someone else closer to an elimination.


The term was introduced by GL mafia player Purgation in GL mafia game 29 on 08-12-2001 04:13 AM. The sequence of posts went as follows:

Ryoushi: I am going to Vote: Purgation because I don't like any of the other bandwagons.

Purgation: OMG, you suck. Vote Ryoushi.

Ryoushi: I didn't expect that kind of response, though...

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