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In many games, it is possible to end the daytime phase by a majority of players voting for "No Lynch". No one dies during the daytime phase, and night falls.

The appropriateness of this strategy has been much debated, but it generally comes down to two things: preserving favorable voting ratios (see Numbers, Part 1), or waiting for investigations. It becomes more strategically viable in the endgame, when an extra vote or investigation may make the difference between Lynch-or-Lose and having an extra chance. Conversely, it is frequently put forward early in the game as a strategy by newbie Scum, to try to divert the town from using their most powerful weapon.

Certain Game Moderators handle No Lynch differently: for instance, one variation says that someone voting for "No Lynch" "goes home" and may not post for the rest of the Day, unless they later receive Votes totaling half of what would be required to lynch them.