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Mini 353

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Mini 353: Raj's Freaktown III (Off to College)
Forum: Coney Island
Moderator(s): rajrhcpfreak
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town

Somewhere in western Kentucky…
12 friends are getting ready for college.
Tensions are running high as they go to bed the Sunday before they leave town.
Even though most people are excited about college, some aren’t.
When they wake up all will be different and these people will be changed forever.
This is the story of Raj’s Freaktown III (Off to College)

  • Scum
    • Mafia Investigator (Ball State University)
    • Mafia Protector (University of South Carolina)
    • Mafia Role Blocker (University of Kentucky)
    • Serial Killer (University of Louisville)
  • Town
    • Minister (Asbury College)
    • Private Investigator (University of Kentucky)
    • Driver (Bluegrass Community and Technical College)
    • Traveler (Transylvania)
    • Searcher (University of Kentucky)
    • Cook (Role blocker) (Owensboro Community and Technical College)
    • 1st Life: Miller (Middle Tennessee State University)
    • 2nd Life: Motivator (University of Kentucky)
    • Jesus (Dies willingly then Resurrects) (Vanderbilt University)