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The Executioner

General Information

Origins of Kloud - In contrast to the widely-believed theory that my name is an adaptation of the Final Fantasy VII character Cloud Strife, Kloud is actually a character that I developed myself about three years ago. Unlike the ex-SOLDIER, Kloud was initially a Space Pirate, heir to his father's behemoth of a space ship, and brother to the central character of a story I was writing at the time. Though only a secondary character in the grand scheme of things, the character Kloud appealed to me far more than his younger brother, as I felt he was more closely an extension of myself.

Road to MS - I was first introduced to the game mafia after having watched the film Cry_Wolf, in which the main characters play a game based off mafia. The concept sparked my interest, and I soon began to play with local friends, both IRL and as part of the online Cry_Wolf game sponsored by AIM. When the site was abandoned, and as others began to lose interest with the game, I went looking for another place to play "the Game." Wikipedia led me to the main page of mafia, and this is where I found the link to MS. The rest is still unfolding.

Avatar Wall

Sephiroth--.png KHAxel.jpg 81.png SHADOW.jpg McQueen Logo1.jpg

Game History

Overall Stats


  • Town: 1-2-0
  • Scum: 2-1-0
  • Other: 0-0-0


  • Town: 0-1-1-2
  • Scum: 2-1-0-0

Mafia Games


  • Mini Theme 638: Batman Mafia modded by Porochaz
    • Role: Jonathan Crane - the Scarecrow, Mafia
    • Survived
    • Status - Completed: Scum Win (Partners: Flameaxe and wolframnhart)
    • Additional Note: To date, my best game play (in my opinion.)

Currently Playing


Currently Modding
  • N/A

MishMash Games


  • Total Drama Island modded by KaleiÐoscøpe
    • Representing: Eva
    • Tribe Affiliations:
      • Screaming Girls
      • Killer Bass
    • Status - Completed
    • Finished in 14th Place with a 4-2 vote

  • Reality Show X modded by JDodge
    • Representing: Danielle Reyes
    • Team Affiliations:
      • Green Team
      • Pirate
      • Net Worth
    • Status - Completed
    • Finished in 4th Place

  • Survivor: Destiny Islands modded by animorpherv1, Xalxe and Tragedy
    • Representing: Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Team Affiliations:
      • Dragon Slayers of Hyrule
      • Drunken Jade Dragons
      • Intergalactic Union of Worlds
    • Status - Completed
    • Finished in 1st Place with a 5-3-1 vote

  • Survivor: Galapagos modded by Xalxe
    • Representing: Cirie Fields
    • Team Affiliations:
      • Jaigong
      • ??
    • Status - Completed
    • Finished in 1st Place

Currently Playing


Currently Modding



Sorry... love you. ;)

Sucks to see you go, especially without hearing from you. I've enjoyed playing games with you (Family Guy Mini, Big Borther even if you screwed me over LOL), talking over AIM, planning Family Guy Mafia. Basically, you've been really cool. So I hope you come back before I go, even if it's just on AIM. If I don't ever hear from you again, good luck with your future and I hope you have a great and happy life- Kmd