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Nickname: inHim
Joined: Aug 28 2004
Game Posts: 3000+ (20th)

Well, I used to be quite active, but have fallen into the bad habit of popping in and out of the site for unannounced periods of time. Maybe this time (14 May) I'll hang around.

Anyway, a couple of things about my play in a mafia game: I learned mafia playing face-to-face for several years before I found - this led to me becoming a very instinct-oriented player. In my time on the site, I've learned to quantify what ticks the wrong way in my head, helping out my arguments in games. I highly value scrutinizing word choice and conditionally contextualizing players' posts. (What he's really trying to do here is this...)

I also really enjoy replacing into games. If you need me, feel free to ask!