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I pretty much only play mish mash games now because the mafia meta goes way over my head. Sorry formatting is bad but I don't know how wiki works.

LSG played:

Survivor Names are Hard - 10th place - Illuminati Confirmed: I was a noob and ended up in the minority alliance. RIP

Survivor Arkham City - 5th place - Abraham Lincoln: I was doing great this game until I got blindsided. But then I returned in a twist and made it a bit further.

Challenge The Void - 11th place - Non Anon: It was a wild ride but I don't know how to do sudoku puzzles.

Genius - 1st place - Jinho: First victory on MS! My childhood playing chess and all its variants helped me out here.

Survivor Killing School Survivor - 1st place - Shuichi Saihara: First survivor victory on MS! I finally got the hang of it.

Ambidex Panic Nonary Game - LOSE - Gideon Zucker: I kind of missed the point to this game I lost, but so did a lot of people