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Editing this page in the coming weeks. I'm only doing this when I'm bored.

This is under construction.

Played Games


Game Role Status Comments
I Got My Eye On You Mafia Vanilla townie Town Win, survived Offered myself up as a lynch instead of a power role, was conftown since. Wish I posted more though...
Always On Mafia Vanilla Townie Town Win, replaced in N5, Survived Replaced in. Only talked to MoS and never posted.
the game of the year Vanilla Townie Town Win, replaced in D10, Survived Loved reading the game. I had to replace in really late. sheeped town, and just won.


Rob's Bastard Mafia - Replaced in somewhere Day 1. Garruk claimed in my stead because I had to spend weekends with family, and it worked out and we won. Would have lost if either myself or Garruk were lynched.


I haven't played in any to my death or endgame yet.

Modded Games

Under construction

Graffiti Corner

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