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DarthYoshi has been a member of since December 24, 2010. Why he decided, on Christmas Eve, to join a community that centers around a game of systematically eliminating players is beyond anybody's guess, but it probably says an awful lot about him anyways.

DarthYoshi is the creator of the Faith Plus One open setup, and he occasionally moonlights as a setup reviewer.

He also answers to either "DY" or "Yoshi," even though doing so doesn't express the full concept of the evil dinosaur.

His only other account is SubZeroSith, a hydra account with ICEninja.

Overall Record, Karma, + Other Miscellaneous Statistics For the More OCD Among Us

As Town: 9-10* (3 perfect wins)

As Scum: 3-5* (1 perfect win)

As Third Party: 0-0

Overall: 12-15

  • --One town loss (Open 419) and two scum losses (Open 298 and Open 301) were compromised due to mod error, but are still counted towards my record here.

Karma: +5 (replaced into five games, replaced out of zero games)

Survived/Endgamed: 11 games

Night Killed: 8 games

Lynched: 7 games

Vanilla Townie: 11 games

Town Cop: 1 game

Town Hider Tracker: 1 game

Town Doctor: 1 game

Town Mason: 1 game

Town Jailkeeper: 1 game

Town Hiding Redirector: 1 game

Town FBI Agent: 1 game

Mafia Goon: 3 games

Mafia Rolecop: 2 games

Mafia Strongman: 1 game

Mafia Watcher: 1 game

Werewolf: 1 game

Modded Games

Mini 1320: Redwall Mafia: Spirit Lore, Mafia won on D4. ***Nominated for 2012 Best Mechanic/Mutation Scummy Award***

Newbie 1195: DY's Mount Olympus Mafia, Mafia won on D5.

Mini 1249: Community: Paintball Assassin Mafia! Mafia won on D6.

Newbie 1170: DY's Medieval Mafia, Mafia won on D3.

New York 142: Rolling in the Deep (co-modded with chkflip), Mean Guys Mafia won on D8.

Newbie 1136: DY's Dystopia of Death, Mafia won on D3.

Open 304: Hard Boiled, replaced in as mod on D1. Town won on D3.

Ongoing Games

None at the moment.

Completed Games

Open 419: Diffused Power, moderated by Cogito Ergo Sum. Town Cop, killed on N1. Mafia won on D5.

Newbie 1246: UT's Ice Cream Truck, moderated by Untrod Tripod. Participated as IC, Mafia Rolecop, lynched on D4. Town won on D4.

Newbie 1237, moderated by AGar. Replaced in as IC on D2, Vanilla Townie, survived. Town won on D3.

Paranoia Mafia, moderated by The Computer (aka Magua). Town Hiding Redirector, killed on N1. Mafia on on D6.

Zach's Insane Mafia World, moderated by Zachrulez. Town FBI Agent, killed on N5. Town won on D8.*

Newbie 1204: Limitless Blue, moderated by Quilford. Participated as IC, Town Jailkeeper, survived. Town won on D3.*

Mini 1298: Lightning Mafia, moderated by Pine. Black Mafia Watcher, survived, Black Mafia won on D6.*

Secret Society Mafia, moderated by Magua. Vanilla Townie and Mason, killed on N3. Mafia and Third Party won on D9.*

West Wing Mafia, moderated by ChannelDelibird. Toby Ziegler, Vanilla Townie, killed on N4. Mafia won on D5.*

Newbie 1180, moderated by Quilford. Participated as IC, Mafia Rolecop, survived, Mafia won on D4.*

Newbie 1163, moderated by iamausername. Participated as IC, Town Doctor, killed on N1. Mafia won on D3.

Open 336: Scales of Justice, moderated by Quilford. Mafia Strongman, lynched on D1. Town won on D3.

Open 323: Murder at Happy Sunshine Hospital, moderated by Amrun. Vanilla Townie, lynched on D5. Mafia won on D5.

Newbie 1133, moderated by Tasky. Participated as IC, Vanilla Townie, survived. Town won on D2.

Mini 1180, moderated by Substrike22. Vanilla Townie, survived. Town won on D3.

Open 301: Friends and Enemies and Enemies, moderated by Chronopie. Werewolf, lynched on D5. Town won on D5.

Newbie 1100, moderated by Xtoxm. Participated as IC, Vanilla Townie, lynched on D4. Mafia won on D4.

Mini 1161: Neruzian Era Mafia, moderated by Neruz. Replaced in on D1. Vanilla Townie, survived. Town won on D4.

Mini 1146: Don't Get Slapped in the Face by a Fish Mafia, moderated by Chesskid3. Mafia Goon, lynched on D2. Town won on D4.

Mini 1145: Plain Mafia, moderated by Fenhl and Zodiark13. Replaced in on D1. Vanilla Townie, night killed on N1. Mafia won on D5.

Open 298: Follow the Cop...or Not, moderated by CryMeARiver. Mafia Goon, lynched D3. Town won on D4.

Open 289: Hard Boiled, moderated by Implosion. Hider Tracker, night killed on N3, Mafia won on D4.

Newbie 1059, moderated by AGar, replaced in on D1. Vanilla Townie, night killed on N1, Mafia won on D4.

Mini 1142: Quintessentially English Mafia, moderated by ChannelDelibird. Vanilla Townie, night killed on N1, Town won on D3.

Mini 1121: Nexusville Mafia, moderated by Nexus. Mafia Goon, survived, Mafia won on D4.

Newbie 1064: A Town Named Mafia, moderated by Parama. Vanilla Townie, survived, Town won on D3.

Newbie 1048, moderated by Alduskkel. Sane Town Cop, survived, Town won on D2.

An asterisk denotes a game lost in whole or in part to the 2011-2012 site crashes

What People Say About the Evil Dinosaur (AKA My Ego On Parade)

"Scum were also hurting because a Zorblag replace in on town's side with Valern and Yoshi also on town's side was a pretty solid town center that was leaving them basically too many townies who needed to die." -Thor665

“Come on man, I had lots of respect for you.” –ICEninja. This made my soul chortle, mostly because I was scum and ICE was the town cop.

“I gave Yoshi way too much of a town cred this game, which is a bummer. You played fantastically.” -Ibid

"Yoshi, you sneaky bastard. I won't be giving you any free town reads in this game, that's for sure!" -ICE's subsequent greeting to me in our next game together, was also my sig line for many months.

"We were a bit unlucky that the 2 strongest town players were mason lovers but luck of the draw I suppose." -Maxous, in reference to Thor665 and SubzeroSith (my hydra account w/ ICE)

"DarthYoshi, there's very little I can suggest to you in terms of improving because you actually played a damn good game." -Regfan

"I liked playing with you DY. You're smart and have a good intuition without the ego that can only be the result of many past failures." -Albert B. Rampage

"It just felt like Yoshi was one step ahead of me, so congrats to my choice of MVP...Yoshi." -FuDuzn

"DY as usual was a great addition (and just proves to me once again that in future games with him, I need to kill him N1 if I'm scum." -AGar

“Good job to scum-team, especially Yoshi. Thought he was town the whole way through.” –KingTwelveSixteen

“DY played super well in my opinion. Best scum in the game.” -CryMeARiver

"Hats off to the stars of the game (IMO): Joho, Yoshi and Smally." -Withnail

"Round of applause to Yosh' our IC. I felt you did a great job as IC. I went into another game thinking IC's would be all very helpful, and discovered that some are rather useless. So cheers mate." -Draken

"Cheers to Yoshi too for IC'ing the game so well. I thought you walked the tightrope between playing and mentoring perfectly." -Smally

"Well played, DarthYoshi, good catch early on in D2 with CP." -Bulvious

"I will agree that DarthYoshi was the clear MVP of the game. He joined the game and figured out who the scumteam was almost instantly. That was damn impressive." -Lance

"Opposing you was like beating my head against a brick wall, DY. It was really hard to find an opening." -Paschendale