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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

I'm the kind of player that cares most about townplay and thinks being scum and hoping town mislynches is very boring. Yes, I highly despise being groupscum, what's fun about being scum?

I'm sorta casual and sorta competitive. Casual because I don't put much thought onto my posts. Competitive because I'm willed to gamesolve and I care about risks.

I'm also pretty active, I could handle being alive in 10 games. Though, I'm afraid I'll be a lot less active 2017.

Also, if you're reading this and you're a lurker, expect me to push you hard.

Favorite Games

Or it's rather the games I was good on/satisfied at my performance.

Game Role Fate Comment
 Micro 600: Experimental Mafia #1 - Mechanics UPICK Vanilla Town Survived Sort of like a good game out of the bad ones I had when I was new to the site. I was likely D1 lynch, but then I convinced town to go to scum. Day 2 I redirected the lynch from another lynchbait to the other scum. Finally a game I didn't just try to "not get lynched".
 Open 638: Friends and Enemies! (And Enemies!) Vanilla Town Lynched D4 Even though I was fooled by Ranger, I managed to correctly point out the other scum. I felt pretty interested in that game if compared to others at "Chapter 1", sadly I was still lynched for being tied with Ranger. I influenced the masons to lynch the scum, sadly they didn't listen to me and considered my case garbage. Hope they learned to not underestimate me.
 New York 195: Adventure Mafia Town Neighbor Endgamed I replaced on a really scummy slot that no one else wanted to replace in. Obvtowned and managed to get two scum lynched in a row (when it was already MyLo). Sadly the last scum fooled me, though, I'm satisfied I was worth here.
 Open 641 Carbon 14 Vanilla Town Killed N2 Early in the game I managed to form a townblock of me and three more players out of seven, including me, turned out my townblock only consisted of town. I was even soft townreading the other town, but I didn't really oppose and his lynch ended going through. Though, at this point our townblock were so strong scum basically was PoEd with no chance to win.
 Homestuck Mafia Aradia Megido Treestumped N2 As I got a role that could confirm itself, I was pretty active, though players still thought I had a chance of being scum. Then I treestumped and got two scum lynched in a row (actually at this point three scum were lynched in a row, but I didn't partake at the first scum's lynch). I liked playing with the dead and lynching scum that were already screwed (even though we mislynched thrice in a row).
 Open 653: C9++ Town 1-shot Vigilante Survived I kept scumreading a lurking scum and managed to get him lynched D1. Then D2 I was townreading one scum but changed my mind on him because of a certain vote and managed to get him lynched D2. D3 I was sorta townreading the last scum, but then I decided to change my mind and I got him lynched D3. Aka, three scum lynches and a perfect town win.
 Newbie 1743 Town Doctor Survived First time as IC, narrowed scumpool down to two players D1, but I lynched the town out of it. The next day I kept hesitating to lynch the other, but eventually we did and he turned out to be scum. Correctly guessed scum night 2 kill. By D3 it was automatic town win, but I managed to end the game earlier by finding scum out of three unconfirmed players, two of which were just lynchbaits.
 Mini 1840: Watch Dogs Blitz Town Cóp Survived I correctly called the D1 lynch town, sadly we had to lynch him anyway because deadline, otherwise I might've redirected the lynch to scum. I investigated a player that caused me paranoia and it turned out to be scum, surprised to see how they react to a guilty. Next night I got another guilty, another scum lynched. I tried to investigate N3 (which ended earlier due to mechanism), but failed. Fortunately I switched my scum bet from a lynchbait to the real scum who gave up. It turned out there were four scum (one of which was a traitor). AKA, I carried town.

Green indicates win

Red indicates loss

Replace Rate

Replaced Out of 7 Completed Games

Replaced In at 8 Completed Games

I usually replace out when:

  • I get a scum role and I don't feel useful, because I find scum uninteresting.
    • Note that I don't replace out too frequently as scum. I try my best to not flake out.
  • The players suck.
    • I'll still try to not replace out if that's the case, but sometimes I simply can't not replace out.

Open Setups

Not including ongoing games.

Open Setups I designed (decently only)

Gambler Nightmare


Godfathers and Millers

Open Setups I ran

Two-Fold Matrix 6

Setups I reviewed

None, but plan to review some.

How to Read Me

I'm hard to sort for players unaware of me, but I'm pretty easy to sort for players familiar with me.

As town, most of the time I'm interested in solving the game and getting scumflips. As scum I'm always disinterested because what would you do as scum? Wait town mislynch? That's your moment of happiness? Though, I'll still try to imitate my town meta as scum, though, just as an obligation.

Yeah, activity tell is valid for me, though it doesn't clear me as town or scum seeing my latest scum games. Sometimes I can make up to 200 posts as scum (though, I only aim to inflate my post count). And sometimes, when I'm demotivated, I post less as town and end lurking.

I don't trust tell, if someone says they already know my alignment from the first 3 pages, they probably tossed a coin and assumed that alignment.

Btw, most of what you consider "scummy" doesn't apply for me. To sort me you'll have to compare my town games and scum games, if you think something is too obvious to be true, maybe it could still be true.

True Scumtells

Textbook Scumplay is just a lazy excuse for players to not analyse others and just assume they're scum. Scum will do the possible to imitate town and look realistic. If someone's being kind of anti-town, it's very likely it isn't scum doing that on purpose.

True Scumtells don't exist, if someone's caught as scum for some scumtell, they'll avoid doing that scumtell next game. What you have to do: Change your scumtells all the time.

Darwin's theory of evolution: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

If you don't evolve your scumtells, you'll be smashed.

Pseudo Scumtells

If you think these scumtells are valid, poor you.


  • Town: Simple, town mindset wants to move the game forward, not let a lot of vanity wagons take place.
  • Scum: It's just a sign of lazy scum or scum wanting to look realistic.

Constant Wagon-Hopping

  • Town: Must put pressure the most possible, keep discussion going on and make sure nobody stays out.
  • Scum: Hmm...Trying to look like the above?

Semantic Slips

  • Such as we instead of me. Using third-person rather than first-person such "town" instead of "we". Hopefully you don't take these serious.

Posts you "hate"

  • Do you hate a certain post? Well, you hate but it probably isn't scummy.

and idk, I'll end procrastinating if I keep expanding this list, so I'll leave it for later.

Some Expressions I created

Though I don't use them so often, but would like if someone used them.

  • Inflation: It's the phase that comes right after RVS. It usually starts when someone pushes a discussion, then a lot of votes and wagon switches happens, and also a lot of posts appear. It ends when everyone's reads are kind of solidified, then the game goes from fun to the boring stall. This phase is good to analyse as players show their emotions better or their posts are less worked on, thus are easier to sort the poster.
  • Post Explosion: Mostly happens when you haven't been posting much lately. You suddenly see yourself posting 4+ times in a row, either one-liners or walls. It's like leaving the Writer's Block and feeling inspired. Maybe you could take a deeper look into these Post Explosions as they're more likely to be AI.
  • Scroller Read: Maybe that's about the same as skimming. You basically open someone's ISO and read, but in a fast way rather than looking deep. Or when you open a page and just pick some few posts to read.
  • The Non-Perfect: Players that wrote somewhat awkwardly and thus end being wagoned first and most turn out to be town. I kind of consider myself one of them.

I might have more, but idk.