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A Papaya

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A Papaya
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A Papaya joined MafiaScum on 21 May 2007.

Game History

Record, 2-1
Replaced: 3 times

Little Italy

ROLE: Mason (Mason Parters were Albert B. Rampage and Ripley)
NKed N2.
Alignment: Town
Result: Scum won.

  • Mini 451 (Was replaced by Picklemegenius)

Alignment: Town
Result: Town won!

Coney Island

  • Mini 452 (Replaced by schismatized)

Role: Jermaine O'Neal (Vanilla Townie)
Was Lynched D1
Alignment: Town
Result: Town wins!

Theme Park

  • MGM's Egypt Mafia (Was replaced by VanDamien who was replaced by Flameaxe)

Role: Amun-Ra, daybringer.
NKed Night 9.
Alignment: Town.
Result: ???