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Telephone Pictionary: Gourmet Edition/Chain T

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Chain T: izakthegoomba's Chain

izakthegoomba - Phrase

The Emperor enjoys marmalade on his nachos

N - Picture

Telcat T1.gif

Robotnick2 - Phrase

The penguin, with party hat and bleeding lip,
loves nachos in a bowl with mango dip.

Fujiko - Picture

Telcat T2.png

Equinox - Phrase

The penguin fell in love with his birthday tostada.

Ankamius - Picture

Telcat T3.jpg

RedCoyote - Phrase

Chinese food is lovelier than blue penguins.

Shiidaji - Picture

Telcat T4.png

Amrun - Phrase

No one would argue that penguins were better than Chinese food. I mean, come on, have you ever had penguin?

ChannelDelibird - Picture

Telcat T5.png

Axxle - Phrase

I brought home some Chinese takeout only to find my roommate had started snacking on my pet penguin.

Empking - Picture

Telcat T6.png

Fenchurch - Phrase

I came home early, and found him tucking into the penguin without me!