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To-do list for admins:

  1. Check and process deletion requests
  2. [request] Change MafiaWiki_talk:To-do from protected to semi-protected. If necessary migrate the current page elsewhere and make the new talk page semiprotected as well.
  3. Possibly enable some extensions/configuration changes
  4. Stylesheets to match mafSepia and subSilver, possibly even mafBlack.
  5. Profit!

To-do list for users:

  1. Special:Wantedpages will be next, to fill in gaps we didn't know we had on the old wiki.
  2. Special:Uncategorizedpages needs to be sifted through and mostly emptied, using Special:Categories as a model.
  3. Add all known roles that are used in open setups to categories and link said categories on role pages. See details here.
    • Add all "setups using x" to [[Category:Setups]]
  4. Add and update Micro Games beyond 189.

Completed Items:

  1. Many of the transwiki'ed pages will need cleanup
  2. Enabling single-logon between the phpBB forum and the wiki, allowing us to do away with/curtail anonymous editing
  3. MafiaWiki and Help pages need cleanup.

See the discussion tab for more information about this list. (shouldn't the discussion page be unlocked? -Zoidberg)

In case you were curious, the software says we have 3,682 articles. This number updates every time the page is loaded.