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Roughly in order of priority (subject to change, void where prohibited, etc):

  1. Many of the transwiki'ed pages will need cleanup
  2. Special:Wantedpages will be next, to fill in gaps we didn't know we had on the old wiki.
  3. MafiaWiki and Help pages after that.
  4. Special:Uncategorizedpages needs to be sifted through and mostly emptied, using Special:Categories as a model.
  5. Possibly enable some extensions/configuration changes:
  6. Stylesheets to match mafSepia and subSilver.
  7. Check on anything left on the talk page that is able to be worked on.
  8. Profit!

See the discussion tab for more information about this list. (shouldn't the discussion page be unlocked? -Zoidberg)

In case you were curious, the software says we have 3,505 articles as of the time you see this page.

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