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This page contains everything we want to add or do with this wiki.

To-do list for admins

  1. Check and process deletion requests.
  2. Possibly enable some extensions/configuration changes
  3. [request] Update the Main Page to now link to the correct new category main pages.
  4. Stylesheets to match mafSepia and subSilver, possibly even mafBlack.
  5. Update the Main Page or lower protection to add in the new sections.
  6. Add information to editing guide concerning request templates.

To-do list for users

  1. Special:Wantedpages will be next, to fill in gaps we didn't know we had on the old wiki.
  2. Special:Uncategorizedpages needs to be sifted through and mostly emptied, using Special:Categories as a model.
  3. Update the setup history for all other game types besides Open games.
  4. Add templates for votecounters ect. in the Category:Modding section.
  5. Make navigation easier.
  6. Add Template:SetupHistory to all Setup Pages complete with need information.
  7. After adding SetupHistory to all Setup Pages generate statistics for all setup pages using the statistic generator built into it.
  8. Format Setup Pages to look alike.
  9. Make the wiki more accesible to outsiders. See the Setups Umbrella for a good example.
  10. Sort the roles section and articles/theory.

Completed Items

  1. Many of the transwiki'ed pages will need cleanup
  2. Enabling single-logon between the phpBB forum and the wiki, allowing us to do away with/curtail anonymous editing
  3. MafiaWiki and Help pages need cleanup.
  4. [request] Change MafiaWiki_talk:To-do from protected to semi-protected. If necessary migrate the current page elsewhere and make the new talk page semiprotected as well.

See the discussion tab for more information about this list. (shouldn't the discussion page be unlocked? -Zoidberg)

In case you were curious, the software says we have 3,830 articles. This number updates every time the page is loaded.