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Telephone Pictionary: Draw Me Like.../Chain M

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Chain M: PiggyGal15's Chain

PiggyGal15 - Phrase

Manly men doing manly things.

xtopherusD - Picture

Telekoop M1.jpg

Cheery Dog - Phrase

No females allowed in the men's aerobic bodybuilding club.

Ether - Picture

Telekoop M2.png

RedPanda - Phrase

The first commandment in the war against women is to grow body hair and exercise with other half nude muscly men.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Telekoop M3.jpg

Brandi - Phrase

A group of buff hairless men exercise on treadmills made of weaker humans.

StrangerCoug - Picture

Telekoop M4.png

Tierce - Phrase

The two men run over people on their treadmills.

N - Picture

Telekoop M5.gif

sword_of_omens - Phrase

Billy and Jimmy deal out Death by Razor Scooter

Fujiko - Picture

Telekoop M6.png

Ellibereth - Phrase

Splattered in blood and standing on the corpses of their fallen enemies, the pair of men who won the free-for-all raised the bloody scooter high in the sky as a sign of victory

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