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Modded Games:

/working on Large Theme: The Backwoods (14 players)

/in to mod - Mini Theme: Bad PR (4/2/09)

Newbie 774: Spegezzironi
Start: 4/17/09
End: ongoing

Open 120: Rebels in the Palace
Start: 2/24/09
End: 3/31/09
Outcome:Rebels Win! Lynched King zwetschenwasser on D7
Comments: went well. no serious complaints on modding style

Current Game:

Mini 737: Hack Poetry Mafia (replaced in D2@18p)
Mod: TonyMontana
Start: 1/27/09
Role: ??
Outcome: ???
Comments: I think springlullaby hates me :P

Completed Games:

21. Mini Theme 768: Root of All Evil
Mod: Battousai
Role: Vanilla Townie
Death: self-lynch D1 (to save town power role)
End: 4/20/09
Outcome: Town Win!
Comments: If Gateway is scum I will eat my hat.

20. Open 133: Lovers Mafia
Mod: Empking
Start: 3/27/09
Role: Scum with Santos
Death: Lynched D2
Outcome: They found us out :P
Comments: interesting mod...

19. Open 121: Two of Four (replaced in D2@12p)
Mod: veerus
Start: 2/23/09
Role: Townie
Death: Lynched D3 (for being a distraction)
End: 4/12/09
Outcome: SensFan won it by bussing DarkCoffeeJazz hard on Day 1
Comments: Difficult playing with Sens. Mod went V/LA for 10 days :\ Curses on Sens

18. Open 127: Lovers Nightless
Mod: -TinVision-
Start: 3/14/09
Role: Vanilla Townie
Death: Survived!
End: 4/4/09
Outcome: Town wins! Lynched lovers Empking and ortolan D2
Comments: Interesting playing with mith...

17. Open 128: C9
Mod: Stef
Start: 3/15/09
Role: Mafia Goon with ryan2754
Death: Survived!
End: 4/3/09
Outcome: Mafia Wins!
Comments: I fake-claimed cop and won it!

16. Open 108: Weak M.D (replaced OUT D1)
Mod: Incognito
Start: 12/26/08
Role: Mafis Goon with BlakAdder and GIEFF
Death: Lynched D2 (RedCoyote)
End: 2/27/09
Outcome: Cyborg Mafia win!
Comments: Had to replace out D1, too much going on around holidays

15. Open 100:
Mod: ThAdmiral
Start: 8/21/2008
Role: Mason with Doc (Korts alt)
Death: Eaten N2
End: 3/02/09
Outcome: Werewolves win!
Comments: Died very fast, not very involved or invested

14. Open 102: Lover Mafia
Mod: neko2086
Start: 11/21/08
Role: townie
Death: endgame
End: 10/05/08
Outcome: Mafis wins
Comments: With townies like charter and SensFan, who needs Mafia?

13. Mafia 89: Revenge (Replaced OUT)
Mod: Phate
Start: 8/21/2008
Role: Gunsmith (can investigate for guns each night
Death: killed N2 (mykonian)
End: ongoing...
Comments: Had to replace out. Too Big. No more games of more than 20 players.

12. Open 84: Fire and Ice Mafia (replaced in D3@20P)
Mod: WIzardcat
Start: 7/08/2008
Role: Fire Mafia with ArmIx
Death: Survived!
End: 11/10/08
Outcome: FIRE WINS!! Ice Mafia self-voted
Comments: bad mod

11. Mini 682: C9++
Mod: iamausername
Start: 10/01/08
Role: Mafia with Artem and Edify
Death: Lynched D7
End: 11/21/08
Outcome: Town wins!
Comments: very strong town, walls of text

10. Mini Theme 681: Mish Mash Mafia
Mod: Max
Start: 10/30/08
Role: Mafia with Lord_hur and MafiaSSK
Death: Survived!
End: 12/06/08
Outcome: Mafia wins!
Comments: nicely played, aggrevating scumbuddies

9. Mafia 86: mafia.gif
Mod: Dead Rikimaru
Start: 8/27/08
Role: Japanese Mafia with Cybele, Ghostwriter and Stef
Death: Shot N2
End: 1/26/09
Outcome: Japanese Mafia Wins! (Thanks to LlamaFluff)
Comments: HUGE GAME. another excellent performance by Llama

8. Mini Theme 671: Dwarf Fortress (replaced in N1@10P)
Mod: Claus
Start: 9/15/08
Role: Lolor Althum, a Seige Engineer (np)
Death: Killed N5
End: 11/04/08
Outcome: Pesco, Goblin Warlord, Invader SK wins
Comments: Made it to endgame

7. Mini Theme 660: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Mafia
Mod: ChannelDelibird
Start: 8/21/08
Role: Damar (doctor - protect one player each night)
Death: Lynched D1
End: 11/22/08
Outcome: back-up mod PM'd wrong into to replacement, game broken
Comments: Very rude and stupid co-players, mod dissapeared

6. Open 90: Trendy and Subversive C9
Mod: Greasy Spot
Start: 8/13/08
Role: Townie (np)
Death: lynched Day 3
End: 9/30/08
Outcome: Mafia win
Comments: 2 in a row scum win for GS games

5. Open 86: Lover's Multiball (replaced in pre-game)
Mod: destructor
Start: 8/1/08
Role: Mafia with neko (lover) and BattleMage+CLockWorkRuse
Death: lynched D7
End: 10/16/08
Outcome: death/loss by timestamp

4. Open 79: Nightless Vanilla (replaced in D2@14p)
Mod: Phate
Start: 7/9/08
Role: Scum with Sun Tzu, Battle Mage, Cavebear with a toothache
Death: Lynched Day 8
End: 8/23/08
Outcome: Town Wins!
Comments: Last scum standing, 3 town remained

3. Mini Theme 634: The Baron's Court (replaced in pre-game)
Mod: Johoohno
Start: 7/15/08
Role: Chancellor (np)
Death: endgame
End: 10/23/08
Outcome: Werewolves win
Comments: very intricate. can't outguess the mod. dissapointing end

2. Mini 628: Fang Tooth Nightmare
Mod: Greasy Spot
Start: 7/7/08
Role: Villager (np)
Death: Lynched Day 4
End: 8/24/08
Outcome: Mafia Wins (Llamafluff as mafia godfather)
Comments: He fooled us all

1. Newbie Game 639: Witness Protection Program (replaced in pre-game)
Mod: Rishi
Start: 6/24/08
Role: Townie (np)
Death: Night Killed on Night 2
End: 8/13/08
Outcome: Town WINS!
Comments: first game on mafia scum