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A role is the specific character or ability user a player plays as in a game of Mafia. Roles are at the very least comprised of a role name, any abilities that role may have, and a Win Condition.

The most common roles are Vanilla Townie and Mafia Goon. However, other roles most certainly exist. At the bottom of this page is a quick listing of fairly well-known roles.

For a complete list of commonplace roles, see Category:Normal Roles.

For a complete list of roles documented on this wiki, both all in one place and sorted into categories, use the bar above this page.

If you wish to see mikeburnfire's well-known Flash compilation of some of the roles in Mafia, go here.

For help with making Role PMs, consider Standardized Role PMs.

Examples of Very Common Roles




Examples of Less Common Roles



Third-Party Roles