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A Yoda strategy involves acting crazy and/or flippant and/or mildly scummy or anti-town on the first day to try to lure wolves into voting to lynch the player as suspicious or a liability to village. The votes to lynch can then be analyzed and used as a pool of potential suspects. The downside of this strategy is that it can cause confusion, suspicion, and annoyance among the ranks of the villagers.



This strategy was introduced by Prudence in wlf-070:

2019-Aug-14 17:15:29 Prudence how do you know I wasn't applying a little friendly pressure just to test the response and see if I could smoke out a wolf
2019-Aug-14 17:15:48 Stolas "Friendly pressure"
2019-Aug-14 17:16:15 Prudence it's kinda like Yoda acting all cray-cray when he first meets Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back, to see how he'll respond
2019-Aug-14 17:25:35 Nick If you're gonna act cray-cray like yoda, just stay away from my space hot dog.

At the end of that day, the vote was Jerathmiel=1 (Prudence), No Lynch=8 (Batibat, Luke, MrsWardwell, Gryla, Susie, Dorcas, Dorian, Nick), PrincpalHawthorne=2 (Salem, Harvey), Susie=1 (Tommy), Prudence=3 (Stolas, PrincpalHawthorne, Jerathmiel).

Of the three voting for Prudence, only PrincpalHawthorne was evil. The game ended in a village victory.

The Yoda strategy was tried again in wlf-071, in the form of a N0 vig shot (N1 in parlance), but in that game resulted in a wolf victory.

The Yoda strategy was also tried in wlf-074, a 13-player game with three wolves. In that game, three of the five players who voted for Caldarius turned out to be wolves:

2019-Sep-03 20:00:11 No Lynch=5 (Caldarius, Mellka, Miko, Benedict, Reyna), Caldarius=5 (Marquis, ISIC, ElDragon, Montana, Phoebe)