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About Me


I joined MafiaScum on August 5 2016, however, I've been playing Mafia ever since late 2015 on another site (Pokemon Showdown! to be precise).

IRL Hobbies

I like reading books and I own a Nintendo 3DS with several games (including Pokemon, Mario, Super Smash Bros etc). I also enjoy a good cartoon every now and then.


I know HTML, basic JavaScript and CSS. I go by the name "XnadrojX" on many other sites as well, unless the name's taken then I go by "XxnadrojxX" because why not.

Me in Mafia

I find myself playing in a very logical fashion. Usually this leads to my posts being a wall of quotes with responses under them. I also find myself very weak to tunnelling people and not being able to break out of that. I'm working on fixing it currently.

Things I hate in Mafia

Appealing To Emotion

I find it annoying when people can't properly respond to a case against them and just start pulling threats and repeating themselves

Logical Fallacies

I mean no one likes it when there's a case that has no business existing because it's riddled with faulty logic

Things I like


I don't think a lot of people like it, but I like reading posts where everything is condensed into a single post. It's easy to answer to and pick out specific points from.


Fun dude, also trolled me offsite in a fantastic way - Gamma Emerald