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Stemata - Reck alt.

[winger] - Reck alt.

Charlie Kaufman - Reck alt used during Author Mafia.


xVEZOKENERx - Reck/vezokpiraka hydra.

Starkiss - Starbuck/Kise/dramonic/Recr hydra.

Reckamonic - Reck/dramonic player hydra.

The Mods - Reck/dramonic Mod hydra

Irish Carbomb - Reck/Faraday hydra.

Screaming Death Clan - Reck/Fate/SpyreX/SocioPath/Ellibereth hydra. Created in the wake of Team Mafia, where Screaming Death Clan were declared the overall victors.

Sir Elton Hercules John - Reck/Untrod Tripod Mod hydra.

Boner Police - Reck/MattP hydra.

YreckT - Reck/Ythan hydra.

ScumHaus - Reck/InflatablePie/Ythan/Grimmjow hydra.

Soulless - Reck/BBmolla hydra.

Karen Walker - Reck/ChannelDelibird hydra.

Your New Gay Overlords - Reck/Grimmjow hydra.