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Modded Games

Open 532: Rows and Columns

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Semi-Open Rows and Columns Wisdom Over after N3 Mafia win
My first modded game. Town derped a lot and made the wrong choices, making things easy for scum. The backup Jailkeeper, Evil Regals, did manage to stop a kill on her on N2, but town still did not use that info the right way and misynched again. Evil Regals wasn't able to save herself again, thus bringing the game to an end.

The winning scum team was FakeGod and Wake88.

Micro 254 - Mentor and Mentee

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Micro (Open) Modified Mentor Wisdom Over after D2 Town win
Lack of activity from both parties was pretty irritating. I think I gave too many prods for such a small game. The scum played pretty good, I mean we're talking about a Nacho-Bert hydra, but town had some pretty good players too, like F-16_Fighting_Falcon. Bert for some reason voted notscience, his mentor, close to the D2 deadline, which meant that notscience would be eliminated, and that doomed the scumteam.

The winning town was F-16_Fighting_Falcon, Brian Skies, Malakittens, theslimer3 and DrDolittle.

Micro 281 - Masons and Mafia

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Micro (Open) Masons and Mafia (7p) Wisdom Over after D2 Town win
Perfect town win. One of the scum, Bert, suicided for no visible reason on page1. RedCoyote tried to do his best, but was cornered on D2 and was forced to attempt a shot too. He also suicided. Good play by town.

The winning town was Malakittens, Venrob, Lincolm, Klick and InflatablePie.

Micro 292 - Jester Nightless

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Micro (Open) Jester Nightless Wisdom Over after D4 Mafia win
Fun game! I enjoyed reading along and trying to post votecounts at the top of the page - people wanted to steal the top from me! Yeah, so ontopic, the Mafia played pretty well, with one of them staying out of the spotlight and the other trolling, faking a possible jester. The actual jester, TheIrishPope, didn't try hard enough imo and failed his wincon come D4. The town seemed to have caught Aronis as one of the scum, but the scum team managed to turn it around and miseliminate theslimer3.

The winning scum team was Aronis and Jingle.

Micro 301 - Cult C9

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Micro (Open) Cult C9 Wisdom Over after D3 Town win
The Cult Leader, TheIrishPope, had a good D1 but was pretty inactive and not convincing later. The inquisitor, Kovara, caught the recruit, Aegor, on N1, and was about to catch the leader too, but got recruited on N2. They were both eliminated during D3. Many replacements and prods, especially on D2, but overall a fun game to follow.

The winning town was Luca Blight, HighShroomish, Xayzeck, TunnelMates (notscience + Bert) and Mitillos.

Open 553 - Farmer's Market

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Open Farmer's Market Wisdom Over after D5 Mafia win
The two scum, Viomi and joker443, were the biggest wagons on D1. joker got eliminated, and Viomi got most of the credit. So much, that she managed to survive until mylo despite all the fruiting plans town came up with. Unfortunately, she flaked in mylo and was replaced, but the replacement, Xayzeck, played just as well and got the needed miselimination.

The winning scum team was Xayzeck and joker443.

Open 587 - Nightless Vengeful Mayhem

Game Type Setup Modded by Status Outcome
Open Nightless Vengeful Mayhem Wisdom Over after D3 Town win
Good play from town, managed to win easily. I found the setup a bit boring, personally.

The winning town was pisskop, Sup-Zero (Shinobi + Xayzeck), Morgan, Titus, Green Crayons, BBMolla, Herodotus, Albert B. Rampage and archaebob.