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| Large Theme
| Large Theme
| [[TemporalLich]]
| [[TemporalLich]]
| {{color|darkblue| Dark Creature Master of Deceit}}  
| {{color|191970| Dark Creature Master of Deceit}}  
| Started
| Started
| {{color|red| Eliminated D3}}
| {{color|red| Eliminated D3}}

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Ongoing games

Black background indicates games I'm dead in.

Gold background indicates games being played in a hydra.

Game Mod Phase Hydra?
Micro 1029: 8-Ball Save The Dragons Day 5
Manatee's Pokemon Large Theme May and Brendan Day 2
Shakespeare uPick fferyllt Design
Open 834: Trust Fall numberQ Pregame

Completed games

UNfolder.png2013a & 2012

Micro 1028: True Love

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) lilith2013 Mafia Lover Replaced in D1 Survived Mafia win
First time rolling scum in this setup. Managed to fool my lover and the town into townreading me for the most part (they were paranoid at times) and led two eliminations on the T/T pairs to flawlessly win the game.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and Dunnstral.

Mini Normal 2236: Lemon Demon

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Normal DkKoba Vanilla Townie Replaced in D1 Killed N1 Mafia win
After a long two year hiatus I replaced in a game and helped identifying and eliminating two out of the three scum, getting shot on N1 for my efforts, like every good VT should. However the third scum had other plans and managed to survive until the end and win the game.

The winning scum team was Titus, Alchemist21 and Little Green Wheels.

The Deck of Astral Roles II: Expanded Universe

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme TemporalLich Dark Creature Master of Deceit Started Eliminated D3 Town and Astral win
I played a good game on D1 but then I got kidnapped by a werewolf meaning I could not post at all for both D2 and D3, and I got rolecopped by town. Even so I believe I could turn it around when I would finally be able to post, but my buddy decided to hardbus me so I didn't get such a chance. Then he didn't do so well himself, getting gladiated and eliminated next.

The winning town was MegAzumarill, Almost50, Selynee, Titus, Toogeloo, lendunistus, Flea The Magician, PookyTheMagicalBear and Galron. The winning Astral Creature was Not Known 15.

Open 830: Painters and Lies

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open T3 Blue Mafia Painter Started Survived Blue Mafia and Red Mafia win
This setup turned to extremely scumsided after we eliminated town, then both scumteams also shot a townie, leaving only two townies against four scum. The fact the scumteams could win together on tie led to us just cooperating and eliminating the other two townies (although one of them tried to confuse us by claiming scum).

The winning scumteams were Wisdom and HockeyFan, as well as Cycle Men and Enchant.