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Ongoing games

Black background indicates games I'm dead in.

Gold background indicates games being played in a hydra.

Game Mod Phase Hydra?
no deadlines mafia xyzzy Day 5
Booneytoonz IX - Under The Sea Gamma Emerald Day 5
Anime U-Pick: King Size Tatsuya Kaname Day 2 Near x Mello

Completed games

UNfolder.png2013a & 2012

Micro 837: Joint Operation Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) MariaR Red Mafia Goon Started Survived Red Mafia win
7v1v1 with each scum knowing who the other is. With it being nightless, I needed to get 7 people including the other scum lynched in order to win; not the easiest task. The other scum scumslipped D1 and got lynched however, and I then did my best to lead and managed to mislynch the whole town.

The winning scum was Wisdom.